Last updated at Thu, 25 Jan 2024 00:57:12 GMT

vBulletin strikes again

This week saw another vBulletin exploit released by returning community member Zenofex. This exploit module allows an unauthenticated attacker to run arbitrary PHP code or operating system commands on affected versions of the vBulletin web application. The vulnerability, which was also discovered by Zenofex, is identified as CVE-2020-7373 and is effectively a bypass for a previously patched vulnerability identified as CVE-2019-16759. Administrators running vBulletin should patch this one immediately.

Multiple DNS improvements

Community member digininja reported and submitted fixes (with the help of bcoles) for multiple DNS related bugs affecting the DNS Enumeration and Dyn DNS Update modules. Additionally, digininja submitted a patch to allow the Dyn DNS Update module to target servers running on non-standard ports. These features will go a long way in improving the experience of framework users that are testing DNS services.

Mikrotik processing

Long time community member h00die continues his trend of targeting network devices this week by submitting configuration processing support for devices running Mikrotik’s RouterOS.The new modules can be used to gather information from a live device, or import a configuration previously exported from a live device. These device configurations can contain valuable information for SNMP and VPN services as well as Wireless authentication secrets.

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