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Purchasing software through AWS Marketplace has to be one of the most under-appreciated perks of being an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer. For starters, products you purchase through Marketplace automatically show up on your next AWS bill, which can really simplify your procurement process. In addition, a feature called private offers makes it possible to get things like custom pricing and legal terms. However, the really cool part about Marketplace is that in many cases, it can unlock new budget sources to help pay for your purchases and even help your organization save money on its AWS bill.

Read on to learn more about our expanded set of listings and how Marketplace might be able to help you find budget to pay for that shiny new Rapid7 solution you’ve had your eye on.

New listings

Over the last six weeks, we’ve added InsightVM, InsightAppSec, and InsightConnect to AWS Marketplace, alongside our existing InsightIDR and DivvyCloud listings. What’s more, our Managed Vulnerability Management Services (MVM), Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR), and Managed Application Security Services (MAS) can now be purchased via Marketplace Private Offer. We’ve also added support so that existing Rapid7 customers can now renew through Marketplace.

In other words, all our Insight products (except InsightOps) and all our managed services can now be bought or renewed through AWS Marketplace.

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A quick recap of Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from companies like Rapid7. The Marketplace makes it easy for AWS customers to find, test, buy, and deploy software.

Rapid7 has two types of listings on Marketplace:

  1. Our VM Scan Engine and VM Security Console listings are what AWS refers to as Bring Your Own License (BYOL) listings. These are designed to help existing InsightVM customers deploy scan engines and consoles in their AWS environment. They can’t be used to actually purchase a product (“bring your own license” means you have to have purchased a license for the product before you can make use of whatever is in the listing).
  2. In contrast, the listings we mentioned at the beginning of this blog post are called SaaS Contract listings. These listings allow you to purchase our solutions through Marketplace. We’ll be focusing on these listings in this discussion.

When you want to buy a Rapid7 product via AWS Marketplace, there are two options. If the quantity you want to purchase is shown in the Pricing section of the listing, you can simply click the “Continue to Subscribe” button and follow the instructions. The other option (and the one we recommend) is for you to reach out to our sales team, who will work with you to develop a quote that reflects your specific needs. We’ll then send you a Marketplace Private Offer to accept. With a Private Offer, you get exactly what you need and still enjoy all the benefits of buying through Marketplace.
Important note: Any existing Rapid7 customers that are looking to do a renewal or expansion must use a Private Offer. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager (CSM), who will be happy to help you.

What are the benefits of using AWS Marketplace?

As we touched on in the introduction, there are a number of benefits that come with purchasing software through AWS Marketplace. Let’s look at these in some more detail:

  1. Ease of procurement: The charges for Marketplace purchases show up on your next AWS invoice. There’s no need to set up a billing relationship with Rapid7—you pay for your Rapid7 purchase simply by paying your AWS bill.
  2. Sourcing budget: Many organizations make an upfront commitment to spend a certain amount of money with AWS in exchange for discounts. This is known as a PPA or EDP. Most companies will allocate budget to cover this commitment. Since AWS considers 50% of any Marketplace purchase as native AWS spend, your finance team might be willing to let you pay for half of a Marketplace purchase using funds drawn from your AWS EDP budget. Talk to your finance team to learn what’s possible.
  3. Increased AWS spend: AWS has minimum spend levels an organization must reach to qualify for the discounted pricing of a PPA or EDP. Since AWS counts 50% of any Marketplace purchase as native AWS spend, organizations that are close to qualifying for discounts often use Marketplace to get their spend level over the line. In addition, many organizations that already have an EDP use Marketplace to increase their AWS spend so they can qualify for larger discounts in the future.

We’ve expanded our presence on AWS Marketplace because it provides our customers with a simplified procurement experience that also contributes to AWS cost optimization. To learn more about Rapid7 solutions and purchasing them through AWS Marketplace, please contact us or leave a comment below.


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