Last updated at Sat, 20 Jan 2024 21:32:49 GMT

MobileIron MDM Hessian-Based Java Deserialization RCE

Our very own wvu-r7 has added exploits/linux/http/mobileiron_mdm_hessian_rce, which exploits an ACL bypass in MobileIron MDM products to execute a Java deserialization attack using a Groovy gadget against a Hessian based endpoint. (CVE-2020-15505). MDM helps organizations manage and control all employees' devices, requiring it to be publicly reachable to synchronize devices, making this an appealing target. This exploit has been included on the U.S. National Security Agency's list of vulnerabilities known to be exploited by Chinese state-sponsored threat actors. More information about this exploit can be found here.

PEAR Archive_Tar < 1.4.11 Arbitrary File Write

exploits/multi/fileformat/archive_tar_arb_file_write has been added by gwillcox-r7, which adds support for CVE-2020-28949. CVE-2020-28949 is a vulnerability which affects the Archive_Tar plugin of the PEAR PHP development framework and is caused by Archive_Tar’s lack of validation of file stream wrappers contained within filenames, which for allows the writing of an arbitrary file containing user controlled content to an arbitrary location on disk.

Micro Focus UCMDB Java Deserialization Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution

Community contributor Pedro Ribeiro has added exploits/multi/http/microfocus_ucmdb_unauth_deser, which exploits two vulnerabilities CVE-2020-11853 and CVE-2020-11854, that when chained allow an attacker to achieve unauthenticated remote code execution in Micro Focus UCMDB. CVE-2020-11854 is the use of a hardcoded password for the "diagnostics" user, which allows attackers to log into UCMDB. CVE-2020-11853 takes advantage of the fact that after authentication, almost all of the UCMDB client’s communication is done using Java serialized objects, allowing an authenticated attacker to inject a malicious Java serialized object into a POST body to one of the vulnerable endpoints to achieve remote code execution as root or SYSTEM.

New modules (5)

Enhancements and features

  • PR #14383 by h00die added two new external module examples in python, one as an exploit module example and the other as an auxiliary example.
  • PR #14651 by bcoles updates msftidy to verify that all modules have a module description.
  • PR #14564 by adfoster-r7 updates internal Metasploit libraries to dependency inject the currently active module when performing tab completion for users.
  • PR #14432 by cn-kali-team adds a new function report_creds to the kiwi.rb and priv/password.rb Meterpreter libraries. This function ensures that credentials dumped via Kiwi or via the hashdump command are now appropriately captured in the creds database, allowing users to replay them later on, or attempt to crack them and obtain the plain text password.

Bugs fixed

  • PR #14664 by s1e2b3i4 applies a fix to auxiliary/scanner/ssh/ssh_enumusers.rb to ensure that error messages that occur when a user doesn't exist on the target system, or whom can't connect remotely, are not displayed unless the VERBOSE flag is set.
  • PR #14657 by jmartin-r7 updates Metasploit's docker build process to download pip from an alternative Github download source now that python2 will no longer be available after January 30th 2021.
  • PR #14650 by bcoles updates local_exploit_suggester to correctly store rhost information in the database, as previously this would crash.
  • PR #14647 by zeroSteiner addresses a typo introduced in #14582 whereby non-existent value is used to populate the tab completion array for the run command of modules that support actions as commands, resulting in msfconsole crashing when tab completion was attempted. Users should now be able to do tab completion using the run command without errors.

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