Last updated at Tue, 26 Dec 2023 23:58:31 GMT

Organizations around the globe continue to embrace the flexibility, speed, and agility of the cloud. Those that have adopted it are able to accelerate innovation and deliver real value to their customers faster than ever before. However, while the cloud can bring a tremendous amount of benefits to a company, it is not without its risks. Organizations need comprehensive visibility into their cloud and container environments to help mitigate risk, potential threats, and misconfigurations.

At Rapid7, we strive to help our customers establish and implement strategies that enable them to rapidly adopt and secure cloud environments. Looking only at cloud infrastructure or containers in a silo provides limited ability to understand the impact of a possible vulnerability or breach.

To help our customers gain a more comprehensive view of their cloud environments, I am happy to announce that we have acquired Alcide, a leader in Kubernetes security based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Alcide provides seamless Kubernetes security fully integrated into the DevOps lifecycle and processes so that business applications can be rapidly deployed while also protecting cloud environments from malicious attacks.

Alcide’s industry-leading cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) provides broad, real-time visibility and governance, container runtime and network monitoring, as well as the ability to detect, audit, and investigate known and unknown security threats. By bringing together Alcide’s CWPP capabilities with our existing posture management (CSPM) and infrastructure entitlements (CIEM) capabilities, we will be able to provide our customers with a cloud-native security platform that enables them to manage risk and compliance across their entire cloud environment.

This is an exciting time in cloud security, as we’re witnessing a shift in perception. Cloud security teams are no longer viewed as a cost center or operational roadblock and have earned their seat at the table as a critical investment essential to driving business forward. With Alcide, we’re excited to further increase that competitive advantage for our customers.

We look forward to joining forces with Alcide’s talented team as we work together to provide our customers comprehensive, unified visibility across their entire cloud infrastructure and cloud-native applications.

Welcome to the herd, Alcide!