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4 min Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

The Empty SOC Shop: Where Has All the Talent Gone?

Here's a closer look at some strategies you can use to address churn and staffing shortages in your security operations center (SOC).

5 min Public Policy

Navigating the Evolving Patchwork of Incident Reporting Requirements

Rapid7 is supportive of CIRCIA and cyber incident reporting, but we encourage regulators to ensure reporting rules do not impose unnecessary burdens.

2 min Events

[VIDEO] An Inside Look at the RSA 2022 Experience From the Rapid7 Team​

We asked four Rapid7 team members to tell us a little bit about their RSAC 2022 experience.

4 min Vulnerability Management

The Hidden Harm of Silent Patches

Silent patches limit who understands how to exploit a vulnerability, which sounds like a great plan — but there's a catch.

4 min Ransomware

A Year on from the Ransomware Task Force Report

We're marking the anniversary of the Ransomware Task Force’s (RTF) report, which offered 48 recommendations to deter and respond to ransomware attacks

4 min Rapid7 Culture

The Forecast Is Flipped: Flipping L&D in New Hire Training

The Rapid7 People Development team challenged convention and recently evolved the onboarding program to address the needs of our evolving business and the future of work.

3 min Rapid7 Culture

Security for All: How the Rapid7 Cybersecurity Foundation Will Expand Access and Inclusion

Rapid7’s mission is to advance cybersecurity for all — and an essential part of that effort is making the field and its best resources easier to access.

4 min Public Policy

New US Law to Require Cyber Incident Reports

The Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022 will require critical infrastructure owners and operators to report cyber incidents and ransomware payments. This post will walk through highlights from the new law.

4 min Public Policy

Prudent Cybersecurity Preparation for the Potential Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Fending off an attack from a well-resourced nation state is a nightmare scenario for cybersecurity teams. Here are some steps your organization can take to bolster its defenses.

4 min Research

Evolving How We Share Rapid7 Research Data

Our goal for Open Data has been to enable others to participate in these efforts, increasing the positive impact across the community.

10 min Ransomware

Ransomware: Is Critical Infrastructure in the Clear?

Is critical infrastructure in the clear, is it a specific target of ransomware attackers, or is it simply on the same footing as any other organization?

2 min Cybersecurity

Rapid7 Statement on the New Standard Contractual Clauses for International Transfers of Personal Data

Rapid7 is committed to upholding high standards of privacy and security for our customers, and we are pleased to be able to offer the New SCCs.

10 min Public Policy

Reforming the UK’s Computer Misuse Act

The CMA is the UK’s anti-hacking law, and we've ​provided feedback on the issues we see with the legislation.

2 min Rapid7 Perspective

Rapid7 Acquires Leading Kubernetes Security Provider, Alcide

We at Rapid7 are happy to announce that we have acquired Alcide, a leader in Kubernetes security based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

3 min Rapid7 Perspective

Why I Joined Rapid7

In this blog, Jeff Gardner, Rapid7's new Detection & Response Practice Advisor, discusses why he decided to join Rapid7.