As any sales professional knows, working for an organization where your growth and development are supported is key — not to mention selling a product you believe in and a company mission you can get behind.

At Rapid7, you can check both of those boxes. With a stellar Business Development program that develops our next generation of successful sales professionals and provides clear opportunities for growth and development, and being named a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM, a Strong Performer in Managed Detection and Response Report, and a Visionary in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing, it’s a no-brainer why sales professionals are thrilled about the opportunity to launch and grow their careers with us.

We talked with five of our North America Account Executives to hear firsthand about how Rapid7 has supported their career growth and learning, why they would recommend Rapid7 as a great place to work, and notable deals they’ve had the unique opportunity to work on and close.

Justin Wait Account Executive, 2.5 years with Rapid7
Erica Villareal Account Executive, 2.7 years with Rapid7
Yunus Bhuiyan Enterprise Account Executive, 4.5 years with Rapid7
Gabriella Starkey Account Executive, 2.7 years with Rapid7
Elisa Rascia Account Executive, 3 years with Rapid7

How has Rapid7, your managers, and/or your peers supported and encouraged your career growth?

“There are so many dynamic ways in which my managers and peers have encouraged and supported me throughout my career here at Rapid7. My management has constantly coached me on ways to fine-tune my strengths and challenged me to develop areas that need work. They’re always ready to spend 1:1 time with me to talk through scenarios, build confidence in my abilities, and enable me to run my business in the way I see fit. They listen, ask, and implement my feedback proactively. They also don’t hesitate to commend me in front of their peers and their own leaders. Most importantly, they give me time to focus on life outside of work, to focus on my family and to mentally decompress. This is true across the leadership chain and is a priority of theirs, which is very rare in organizations.” - Yunus Bhuiyan

There is a ton of support at Rapid7 to further career development. Our People Strategy group is really proactive about reaching out to the company to make sure people know they exist and that they exist for us. I had someone from People Strategy reach out to me and put time on my calendar to get introduced and have a casual conversation about my future goals. She helped put a lot of things into perspective and has been a huge supporter getting me to my 5-year plan at Rapid7.” - Elisa Rascia

“My peers have been incredibly supportive during my tenure at Rapid7. Having started as BDR at Rapid7, I have remained close with a few team members despite being on different teams covering different territories today. It’s awesome to know that my peers are experiencing the same challenges as me and generally at the same time, too! We all cheer each other on and also have a good amount of healthy competition with each other.” - Gabriella Starkey

“We have a pretty tight team in the Austin office. At any given time, I have relationships with not only the sales team but our engineers, production, and pen testers due to the close proximity we’ve been able to work together in. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from every aspect of the company and grow with that holistic experience.” - Erica Villareal

What is the most notable deal you've closed that you're proud of? How did you leverage your manager? What internal teams did you work with?

“My Director has a lot of catchphrases, but ‘Win together’ is a big one, and this deal couldn’t have been a better example as I worked with our BDR team, my Sales Engineer, CSM team, and my manager. Throughout the sales process, I had to loop in the CSM team to provide a specific customer reference based on industry, size, IT team, and geolocation, which helped seal the deal. We had to win this deal a few times: first, with the technical team members who’d be hands on (an easy win, thanks to my engineer!), and then with the board. With some help from my manager, we were able to secure some additional savings, as well as talk candidly with some of the financial decision makers on competitive differences, which won the deal the second and final time.” - Elisa Rascia

“My most notable deal was a perfect example of the ‘process’ being done right. We highlighted the value of MDR and aligned to what the customer was looking for throughout the entire sales cycle. I utilized my manager in that I was given the gold standard for how to run the deal and just needed to execute on that plan. I also utilized my manager to help stay organized and quarterback a successful POC. This was also my first ‘go-round’ with legal, and my manager was instrumental in navigating that process. We worked with the engineers, TEM counterparts, and legal during this deal.” - Gabriella Starkey

Why would you recommend Rapid7 as a great place to work and grow in your career?

I’d recommend Rapid7 as a great place to work because the opportunity it presents for growth, both in your career and personal life, are unmatched. The culture Rapid7 has cultivated is perfect for someone who is highly motivated. Everyone wants to see each other grow and succeed. You truly have as many resources at your disposal as you need.” - Justin Wait

“If you’re looking for a place where you’ll be able to be your genuine self, be surrounded by highly intelligent and caring people who bring the best out of you and root for you, be a part of a global mission, continuously strive to be better and challenge convention with the supporting ecosystem to accomplish this, I wouldn’t look any further. There’s a certain energy you feel as part of Rapid7 that I haven’t really felt elsewhere. I’ve grown personally and professionally in ways I didn’t foresee — in large part because of my time here. I’ve also had opportunities within the company that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else; in fact, I’ve been encouraged to take risks to challenge myself in so many different ways. We’ve been building something amazing, and it is a great feeling to truly have an impact and be appreciated for it.” - Yunus Bhuiyan

“Starting off as a BDR allowed me to challenge myself and learn the ropes of a complex security industry. The program is extremely organized and successful and set me up for a career as an AE at Rapid7. I will take the skills I learned from the BDR program and apply them for the rest of my life. The greater Rapid7 culture is also one of growth and inclusion.” - Gabriella Starkey

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