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6 min Career Development

Grow, Develop, and Impact More Than Just Your Career: Software Engineering at Rapid7 Belfast

As an employee-first organization, Rapid7 does its best to support, encourage, and provide resources to employees to ensure they are able to continue progressing in their careers and feel adequately supported in doing so.

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Software Engineering, Vulnerability and Risk Management: Revolutionizing the Security Landscape at Rapid7

Read on to learn more about our North America VRM Software Engineering team, why they chose to bring their talents to Rapid7, and why you should, too!

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Advance Your Career: Life as a Rapid7 Belfast Software Engineer

As we continue to build this team, we are looking for new Moose who exemplify our core values, and are passionate about making a positive impact on our customers.

5 min Career Development

Life as a Rapid7 Rotato: Launch Your Career

In this program, we look to hire recent graduates who are ready to bring cutting-edge ideas, work with amazing teams, and develop as professionals.

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Join Team Moose: Become a Rapid7 BDR

The Business Development Representative (BDR) program at Rapid7 is an entry-level program that develops our next generation of successful sales professionals.

4 min Career Development

Three Things You Can Expect as an Intern at Rapid7

Are you a university student looking to jumpstart your career and gain some experience? Rapid7 has a wide range of opportunities for you to join our herd!

3 min Rapid7 Perspective

Rapid7 Included in 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for Commitment to Diversity

We are extremely proud to announce that Rapid7 has been included in the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), which recognizes organizations for being transparent in their commitment to gender equality. We are thrilled by this, as the GEI’s scoring method celebrates both our best-in-class elements, as well as our willingness to disclose our efforts toward creating a gender-neutral organization. It also helps us to understand our performance and identify opportunities to continue to learn a

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Opportunity Now Means Success Later: Q&A with Rapid7 Sales

This post is a Q&A with John O'Donnell, Director of Sales at Rapid7. For more information about career opportunities with Rapid7, visit Q: What separates Rapid7 from other security or software companies in the area? A: The diversity we have here separates us from the competition. Our teams are created by integrating people from all walks of life and then submerging them in the ever-changing and exciting cybersecurity industry. The belief is that you

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Joining a Startup within an Industry Leader

In November of 2013, I got an email from a Rapid7 Talent Scout saying she thought I'd be a great fit for a “unique opportunity” they had.  It had many of the same elements as other recruiting emails you receive and promptly ignore. I didn't ignore it, however, despite the fact that I actually loved my current job, boss, and co-workers. Maybe it's because her email was well-written and hinted at something big that was coming soon from Rapid7 (but forced me to take a call with her learn more).  M

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Scaling Under Pressure: 5 Focus Areas for Talent Acquisition Leaders

Over the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of spending some time with several recently promoted recruiting leaders who are asking the big question: “Where do I start?” Those of us who have answered the call of a new talent acquisition opportunity can attest that once you are hired and in your new seat, the pressure to produce results is enormous. Any credible plan must include input from stakeholders – partners need to see that their feedback is included if you expect to have their ongoing b

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Job Seekers: Advice on Long Term Career Planning

David Muller is the Sr. Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Rapid7. When you're networking for a job, don't just focus on your next career move – think longer term. With hundreds of open jobs and talent scouts actively recruiting, both passive and active candidates in today's market have no shortage of options. This incredible talent demand can have huge benefits to your career, but if you aren't thoughtful about your approach to job seeking, you can adversely impact your future jobs sear

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7 Reasons Rapid7 Is A Great Place to Start Your Career

Katherine A. Hayes [] is an Inbound Marketing Intern. Starting out in your career is daunting. It seems as though every decision you make is going to impact the rest of your life. I've been lucky enough to find a company dedicated to my future and wants to see me grow: Rapid7. Starting my career out here is a decision I'm proud of, because working here has really pushed me to try new things and to do my utmost to succeed at what I do. For anyone else thinking a

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Never Underestimate the Power of Relationships in IT & InfoSec

This is a guest post from our frequent contributor Kevin Beaver [/author/kevinbeaver]. You can read all of his previous guest posts here [/author/kevinbeaver]. 2016 marks the 15th year that I have been working for myself as an independent information security consultant. People who are interested in working for themselves often ask for my thoughts on what it takes to go out - and stay out - on your own. Early on, I thought it was about business cards and marketing slicks. In fact, I spent so mu

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How can we build great security teams?

Building a reliable security team is tough; there is no defined approach nor silver bullet.  The people we are defending against are intelligent, dedicated, and have a distinct asymmetrical advantage, with nearly unlimited time to find the one thing we miss.  This past decade has taught us that what we have been doing is not working very well. I've been lucky to have latitude for creativity when building the security team at Rapid7.  So when Joan Goodchild asked me to join her for CSO Online's

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Recruiters and Mission-Driven Hiring

I've spent the better part of the last ten years interviewing talent scouts across the globe. I continue to be amazed at how many of them market themselves as having found the “secret sauce” for recruiting success through their vast knowledge and discipline demonstrated via use of the tools and tricks. Most of the time, I come away from interviews having learned something new or insightful. That said, I rarely hire a candidate who frames their skill set in this way.  Why? It doesn't align with m