Last updated at Thu, 30 May 2024 14:30:34 GMT

We are thrilled to announce that two of our exceptional team members, Joanne Guariglia and Kelly Hiscoe, have been recognized as CRN's 2024 Women of the Channel. This recognition celebrates the achievements and leadership of women within the channel community, and we are incredibly proud to see Joanne and Kelly honored for their contributions.

Kelly Hiscoe: Driving innovation in partner programs

Kelly Hiscoe and her team are at the forefront of designing and launching partner programs, optimizing our operations to support Rapid7's global channel ecosystem. Their commitment to creating highly effective and streamlined partner experiences ensures seamless execution within our channel. Engaging continuously with partners, Kelly's team drives simplified, scalable, and predictable experiences that benefit all stakeholders.

Kelly's dedication to improving our operational infrastructure and incentive programs is unwavering. Kelly said: "We will never be done focusing on creating improved programs and processes. We will continue to be laser focused on enhancing our operational infrastructure and incentive programs because we care deeply about the partner experience with Rapid7."

Her leadership and vision are integral to our ongoing success and the satisfaction of our partners.

Kelly Hiscoe

Joanne Guariglia: Building lasting relationships

Joanne Guariglia has demonstrated exceptional skill in building and nurturing lasting relationships with our partners, an area in which Rapid7 are investing heavily -  making strides with the channel community more than ever.

"What I enjoy most is being able to build lasting relationships with our partners. Partners want to work with trusted brands who are leaders in the space, and we have that here at Rapid7. Being that trusted voice and growing the relationship, while educating them about our offerings, enables me to have a positive impact," Joanne said.

Her dedication to partner success and her ability to educate and inform are key components of her impactful work.

Joanne Guariglia

Commitment to excellence

At Rapid7, we are committed to fostering an environment where talented individuals like Joanne and Kelly can thrive. Their recognition as CRN's 2024 Women of the Channel underscores our dedication to excellence and our focus on building a strong, supportive channel ecosystem. We look forward to their continued contributions and to the ongoing success of our partners.

Please join us in celebrating Joanne and Kelly for their outstanding achievements and their unwavering commitment to excellence in the channel community.

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