Last updated at Tue, 09 May 2023 19:21:55 GMT

The Rapid7 InsightConnect Extension library is getting bigger! We’ve teamed up with IT operations platform, Automox, to release a new plugin and technology alliance that closes the aperture of attack for vulnerability findings and automates remediation. Using the Automox Plugin for Rapid7 InsightConnect in conjunction with InsightVM, customers are able to:

  • Automate discovery-to-remediation of vulnerability findings
  • Query Automox device details via Slack or Microsoft Teams

Getting started with Automox within InsightConnect

Automox is an IT Operations platform that fully automates the process of endpoint management across Windows, macOS, Linux, and third-party software — including Adobe, Java, Firefox, Chrome, and Windows.

The Automox InsightConnect Plugin allows mutual customers of Rapid7 and Automox to expand their capabilities between products, ultimately streamlining cyber security outcomes and operational effectiveness. Seamlessly transition CVE-based vulnerability findings through discovery to remediation, and perform device queries without needing to leave Slack or Microsoft Teams!

Example workflows you can start leveraging now with the Automox Plugin

  • Generate Rapid7 InsightVM Report and Upload to Automox Vulnerability Sync: An example workflow that leverages threat context for assets and prioritizes them for remediation. An InsightVM report is automatically generated and uploaded using Automox’s Vulnerability Sync for easy remediation, saving internal teams precious time and effort in managing  critically emerging threats – from start to finish.
  • Automox Device Lookup from Microsoft Teams: An example workflow that lets a user query a device in Automox directly from Microsoft Teams.
  • Automox Device Lookup from Slack: An example workflow that lets a user query a device in Automox directly from Slack.

For more information or to start using this plugin, access and install the Automox Plugin for Rapid7 InsightConnect through the Rapid7 Extension Library.

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