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5 min SOAR

How to Accelerate Your SOAR Program to Full Speed in Less Than a Year

Here are some reflections and advice about setting up a SOAR program, through the lens of one practitioner's successful and innovative year.

4 min SOAR

Deploying a SOAR Tool Doesn’t Have to Be Hard: I’ve Done It Twice

Here are some lessons learned launching and steps for success when launching a SOAR tool for the first time.

1 min InsightVM

Maximize Your VM Investment: Fix Vulnerabilities Faster With Automox + Rapid7

The new Automox plugin for Rapid7 InsightConnect closes the aperture of attack for vulnerability findings and automates remediation.

5 min Ransomware

4 Fallacies That Keep SMBs Vulnerable to Ransomware, Pt. 2

In our second blog in this two-part series, Datto Inc. CISO Ryan Weeks outlines the third and fourth fallacies that perpetuate ransomware risk for SMBs.

5 min Ransomware

4 Fallacies That Keep SMBs Vulnerable to Ransomware, Pt. 1

In this two-part blog series, we will present four common mistakes SMBs make when thinking about ransomware risk.

5 min Metasploit

Guest post: Lurking in /lib

This is a guest post from a long-time Metasploit contributor and community member. Over the next few months, Rapid7 will be publishing a series of guest posts featuring unique perspectives on Metasploit Framework and highlighting some of our community’s favorite functionality, hidden gems, and backstories. Want to contribute an idea or a post? Reach out to community[at] Back in my day, you could get dinner, dessert, and ride the trolley home all for a nickel. Oh, and we used SVN for

2 min Guest Perspective

NIST Standards and Why They Matter

A primer on implementing NIST recommendations by guest author Matt Kelly