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Today’s already resource-constrained security teams are tasked with protecting more as environments sprawl and alerts pile up, while attackers continue to get stealthier and add to their arsenal. To be successful against bad actors, security teams need to be proactive against evolving attacks in their earliest stages and ready to detect and respond to advanced threats that make it past defenses (because they will).

Eliminate blindspots and extinguish threats earlier and faster

Rapid7’s external threat intelligence solution, Threat Command, reduces the noise of numerous threat feeds and external sources, and prioritizes and alerts on the most relevant threats to your organization. When used alongside InsightIDR, Rapid7’s next-gen SIEM and XDR, and InsightConnect, Rapid7’s SOAR solution, you’ll unlock a complete view of your internal and external attack surface with unmatched signal to noise.

Leverage InsightIDR, Threat Command, and InsightConnect to:

  • Gain 360-degree visibility with expanded coverage beyond the traditional network perimeter thanks to Threat Command alerts being ingested into InsightIDR, giving you a more holistic picture of your threat landscape.
  • Proactively thwart attack plans with Threat Command alerts that identify active threats from across your attack surface.
  • Find and eliminate threats faster when you correlate and investigate Threat Command alerts with InsightIDR’s rich investigative capabilities.
  • Automate your response by attaching an InsightConnect workflow to take action as soon as a detection or a Threat Command alert surfaces in InsightIDR.
Threat Command alerts alongside InsightIDR Detection Rules

Stronger signal to noise with Threat Command Threat Library

The power of InsightIDR and Threat Command doesn’t end there. We added another layer to our threat intelligence earlier this year when we integrated Threat Command’s Threat Library into InsightIDR to give more visibility into new indicators of compromise (IOCs) and continued strength around signal to noise.

All IOCs related to threat actors tracked in Threat Command are automatically applied to customer data sent to InsightIDR, which means you automatically get current and future coverage as new IOCs are found by the research team. Alongside InsightIDR’s variety of detection types — User Behavior Analytics (UBA), Attacker Behavior Analytics (ABA), and custom detections — you’re covered against all infiltrations, from lateral movement to unique attacker behaviors and everything in between. The impact? Your team is never behind on emerging threats to your organization.

Faster, more efficient responses with InsightConnect

Strong signal to noise is taken a step further with automation, so teams can not only identify threats quickly but respond immediately. The expanded integration between InsightConnect and InsightIDR allows you to respond to any alert being generated in your environment. With this, you can easily create and map InsightConnect workflows to any ABA, UBA, or custom detection rule, so tailored response actions can be initiated as soon as there is a new detection.

See something suspicious that didn’t trip a detection? You can invoke on-demand automation with integrated Quick Actions from any page in InsightIDR.

Mapping of InsightConnect workflows to an ABA alert in InsightIDR

Sophisticated XDR without any headaches

With Rapid7, you’ll achieve sophisticated detection and response outcomes with greater efficiency and efficacy — no matter where you and your team are on your security journey. Stay up to date on the latest from InsightIDR, Threat Command, and InsightConnect as we continue to up-level our cross-product integrations to bring you the most comprehensive XDR solution.

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