Last updated at Tue, 01 Nov 2022 16:07:15 GMT

Toshio Honda, Sr. Security Solutions Engineer

You have been with Rapid7 for 4 years now, what originally attracted you to work here?

I worked for a cybersecurity company who is a leader for the “Prevention” area prior to joining Rapid7, and I was looking for the next opportunity based on 3 criteria:, “Interesting Products”, “a flexible work environment” and “a supportive and talented team of people”. Rapid7 checked the box for all three of these areas, with a platform of products to help customer’s security operations across areas/categories beyond my experience/expertise, allowing me to stretch and grow my skills. The company is well known for having unique intelligence like Metasploit, as well as being placed #17 in the list of The Cybersecurity 500 by Cybersecurity Ventures. These things attracted me to work here.

What does the team in Japan look like, and what growth have you seen during your time here?

When I joined Rapid7 in January 2018, there were approximately 10+ employees in Japan. These people were primarily made up of Sales and Sales Engineering for products like Nexpose/InsightVM, AppSpider/InsightAppSec, and Metasploit Pro. As the team continues to change and grow, we are now at 20+ employees and hiring in Customer Success and Support so really broadening the skill sets in the region to better support our customers. As we continue to evolve and move towards a solution/platform provider to solve complex customer challenges, and support their security operations with broader products and managed services. Each individual has capabilities and talent as part of the team, which is a huge difference in terms of ‘types’.

What makes the culture at Rapid7 different from other tech and/or cybersecurity companies?

I believe transparency is a major differentiator. The leadership team in Rapid7 listens to each individual, and you have an opportunity to share your ideas and give feedback whether you are brand new or have been in your field for years.

What are the 3 biggest things you have learned during your time at Rapid7?

Here’re the 3 things that came up to my mind:
1. Be Proactive
2. Change is a Constant
3. Ask questions to turn the unknown into known

Being proactive means looking outside your immediate team to identify the right people, and gather the right information. Our team in Japan is relatively small, so it’s essential that we partner with other team members from different departments and locations in order to ensure we are anticipating potential challenges and getting the right people involved upfront.

For #2, almost everything can/will change, from our product roadmaps to the needs of our customer. As we anticipate change and embrace the opportunity to grow, it’s important to maintain customer’s expectations and see how Rapid7 can continue to be a strategic partner in maintaining their security solutions.

For #3, as a Solution Architect, I often have conversations with customers, and sometimes see they don’t even know what they need to improve their security posture. It’s important to unravel what they would need by asking questions to clarify their requirements. The same principle can be applied in case of security incidents. If you don’t have visibility (detections) for an incident, you wouldn’t be able to stop a breach. As a practitioner in Rapid7, I keep those

How would you describe your role at Rapid7?

My main role is Solution Architect (Security Solutions Engineer / Sales Engineer), but I’ve also been given the opportunity to learn new skills that are outside of my typical job description. In addition to my main role, I’ve been able to learn more about customer advisory, technical support and account management, and our professional services. Learning in these different areas has grown my confidence as a technical contributor, and provided me with some new insights into real world customer environments and security operations.

Describe your proudest moment working for Rapid7.

This is a really good question. I can’t pick one as there are so many moments in my memory. However, I am always proudest when I am able to solve especially complex or challenging problems customers are struggling with.

What advice would you give someone thinking about coming to work here?

If you enjoy challenging the status quo and solving interesting challenges, Rapid7 would be a great place to work. The company has a track record and history of supporting employees who have new ideas, so you’ll be supported to think creatively and craft your own vision as to how to support our customers and align to business goals.

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