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Rapid7 recognized amongst the top MDR providers in the industry.

As security teams try to do more with less, addressing the sprawling attack surface and monitoring the escalating threat and risk landscape, it inherently leaves them at a disadvantage. Rapid7 Managed Threat Complete empowers organizations to tip the scale back in their favor to achieve stronger security programs, end-to-end.

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We are proud to be recognized amongst the top 13 vendors, as a Strong Performer, in The Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection and Response, Q2 2023. Our goal is to build-upon and break the traditional views of MDR by uniting risk and threat detection and response with Managed Threat Complete to drive superior outcomes for our customers.

Complete Coverage. Single Solution. End-to-End.

Since day one, we’ve continuously been looking for new ways to support organizations in their effort to find and eliminate threats faster and more reliably. While traditional MDR services flooded organizations with noisy alerts and put resolution back on the customer, we saw a better path. Rapid7 is committed to being a true partner for our customers, detecting and responding to any threat, end-to-end, no matter how large or complex.

This year, we focused on empowering all organizations to gain complete coverage, unlocking a holistic security program—one that covers proactive, responsive, and strategic aspects of detection and response. We’ve combined two historically siloed pieces of security (risk and threats) to give organizations the complete picture. By focusing on a security program that is proactive, responsive, and strategic, you get smarter and more resilient over time—continuously strengthening your security.

Like all Rapid7 products and services, Managed Threat Complete is built by practitioners for practitioners. We truly want to empower security teams to focus on strategic work while we focus on their environment 24/7/365. With complete coverage and end-to-end detection and response, teams can feel confident that they’re always ready for what comes next.

Unlimited Incident Response

Traditional approaches to MDR focus on the responsive element of detection and response and miss the opportunity to help organizations build resilience and strengthen their security posture over time. As the market evolved, MDR providers drew lines in the sand. They chose to respond to alerts of a certain size, leaving the burden of hands-on-keyboard incident response (IR) attacks for organizations to handle through expensive retainers or off the street contracts with IR consultants.  We knew our customers deserved better, and we had a unique opportunity to challenge the system and provide a fully end-to-end response program.

We’ve removed boundaries to traditional MDR programs, keeping your outcomes our top priority. Rapid7 Managed Threat Complete delivers unlimited data, unlimited incident response, unlimited intelligence, and unlimited potential. From incident response with no limits, meaning no line in the sand regardless of the size and complexity, to XDR technology at the core for complete coverage, threats across your entire modern environment are eliminated.

We believe that in addition to our approach to limitless security, our robust functionality accessibility by customers caused us to receive the highest score in the Platform Capabilities criterion from Forrester.

“This has greatly increased our visibility, detection, and response capabilities for on and off-hours. The UEBA functionality of the agent is amazing as well. Overall the service is extremely valuable and well worth the price.”—Security Administrator/Analyst, Medium Enterprise Insurance Company, TechValidate

Strategic Partnership & Guidance

When it comes to partnership, we truly mean it. Work alongside global SOC experts who seamlessly act as an extension of your team from initial threat detection through triage, investigation, and response. With a Customer Advisor at your fingertips, you can further accelerate your security maturity by working in lockstep to build a strong, resilient program through regular posture reviews and program assessments.

Our MDR SOC provides context and in-depth reporting with every incident. When a forensic analysis is performed, detailed remediation and mitigation recommendations are provided to make sure organizations improve their resilience against threats over time. If a breach becomes a full scope incident response engagement, Rapid7 Incident Response consultants work with the SOC for round the clock forensic investigation, delivering your team answers to remove attackers from your environment as quickly as possible.

Forrester gave Rapid7 the highest possible scores in the Managed Investigations and Threat Hunting criteria. When it comes to threat hunting, we believe in being thorough. Rapid7 performs threat hunting on a hypothesis-driven basis—meaning our analysts (not scripts), proactively perform an analysis as new attacker behavior techniques arise. With 13 months of data stored, we’re able to dig in deep, and ensure our customers aren’t affected by the newest attacker TTPs. If we find something, our team immediately pivots into Incident Response to remove the compromise and reduce negative outcomes.

“Our program has significantly improved and I am much more confident in our overall security posture. Having the Rapid7 Managed Detection and Response team augmenting my team allows us to sleep better at night and be able to leave work knowing that we are still covered and can respond quickly if we receive an alert from the team.”—Scott Chille, CIO or equivalent IT position, Bartlett Regional Hospital, TechValidate

Consolidation for Powerful ROI

When investments are scrutinized and teams are being asked to do more with less, proving the value of a managed detection and response partner is pivotal. Teams are strained, and practitioners need consolidation to drive the efficiency necessary to be successful in today’s modern threat landscape—without sacrificing sophisticated security outcomes and the high standard for their security program. With Managed Threat Complete, organizations can drive greater efficiency and consolidation by unifying vulnerability management and managed detection and response into a single, cohesive security service.

“First off, the IDR platform is solid; great insight into what is going on in our environment. The MDR service gives us great comfort in knowing we have security engineers keeping a watchful eye on your environment as well as a resource for our internal security group. Having our main advisor/POC for monthly check-in ensures we are getting the most value out of the MDR service.”—A CISO/CSO at a Medium Enterprise - Banking, TechValidate

The Future of Detection & Response

As attackers become more pervasive and sophisticated, Rapid7 strives to close the gap for practitioners and their organizations. Our vision is to improve efficiency, efficacy, and productivity to make more sophisticated security outcomes accessible for all teams. These are a few outcomes we are driving toward in the future:

  • Enhanced Partnership: frictionless access to experts and data where, when, and how customers need it.
  • More Transparency: Ensure confidence and readiness for the modern environment, including cloud.
  • Continued Investment in Leading Detections Coverage: Maximize coverage with the Insight Agent. Enhancing endpoint investigation and hunting experience.
  • Investigation and Response: Empower faster decision making via expanded capabilities and streamlined processes.

Thank you to our customers and partners who continue to be our guiding light for our investments in our service and product. We’re excited to keep pushing the bounds of “traditional” to further empower our customers. We’ll share more around these initiatives and investments throughout the year so keep an eye out.

Explore the report here: The Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection and Response, Q2 2023

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