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PTT for DCSync

This week, community member smashery made an improvement to the windows_secrets_dump module to enable it to dump domain hashes using the DCSync method after having authenticated with a Kerberos ticket. Now, if a user has a valid Kerberos ticket for a privileged account, they can run the windows_secrets_dump module with the DOMAIN action and obtain the desired information. No password required. This is particularly useful in workflows involving the exploitation of AD/CS, using the ESC family of techniques.

New module content (2)

Citrix ADC (NetScaler) Bleed Scanner

Authors: Dylan Pindur and Spencer McIntyre
Type: Auxiliary
Pull request: #18492 contributed by zeroSteiner
Path: scanner/http/citrix_bleed_cve_2023_4966

Description: This adds a scanner module for exploiting CVE-2023-4966 which is a memory leak in Citrix ADC servers. This vulnerability allows a remote, unauthenticated attacker to leak memory by sending a very large HTTP Host header. The leaked memory is then scanned for session cookies which can be hijacked if found.


Authors: Michael Weber, Sandeep Singh, Spencer McIntyre, and Thomas Hendrickson
Type: Exploit
Pull request: #18497 contributed by zeroSteiner
Path: linux/http/f5_bigip_tmui_rce_cve_2023_46747

Description: This module exploits a flaw in F5s BIG-IP Traffic Management User Interface (TMUI) that enables an external, unauthenticated attacker to create an administrative user. The attacker can then use the admin user to execute arbitrary code in the context of the root user.

Enhancements and features (3)

  • #18386 from e-lliot - :
    This adds the lmkdir command to Meterpreter, which creates a directory on the local host.
  • #18441 from sjanusz-r7 - Adds at rest encryption to Meterpreter payloads on the Metasploit host machine's file system.
  • #18419 from smashery - This updates the windows_secrets_dump module's DCSync technique (the DOMAIN action) to use Kerberos tickets for authentication. Users can now use Kerberos tickets for authentication with all actions in the module.


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