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OpenNMS Horizon Authenticated RCE

Author: Erik Wynter
Type: Exploit
Pull request: #18618 contributed by ErikWynter
Path: linux/http/opennms_horizon_authenticated_rce
AttackerKB reference: CVE-2023-0872

Description: This module exploits built-in functionality in OpenNMS Horizon in order to execute arbitrary commands as the opennms user. For versions 32.0.2 and higher, this module requires valid credentials for a user with ROLE_FILESYSTEM_EDITOR privileges and either ROLE_ADMIN or ROLE_REST. For versions 32.0.1 and lower, credentials are required for a user with ROLE_FILESYSTEM_EDITOR, ROLE_REST, and/or ROLE_ADMIN privileges.

Enhancements and features (5)

  • #18838 from SickMcNugget - This adds support for Debian and includes a number of fixes and improvements for the runc_cwd_priv_esc module. Prior to this fix, the module would incorrectly report some of the versions that the patch had been back ported to as vulnerable.
  • #18841 from randomstr1ng - This PR updates the sap_icm_paths.txt wordlist with the newest entries.
  • #18885 from errorxyz - Enhances the sessions command so that both Meterpreter and the top level Metasploit prompt support sessions -i -1.
  • #18978 from dwelch-r7 - This PR updates several login modules to now display some messaging to the end of scans to tell the user how many credentials and/or sessions were successful.
  • #18980 from zgoldman-r7 - Improves the help command wording when interacting with basic shells.

Bugs fixed (2)

  • #18947 from molecula2788 - Fixes an issue with exploits/windows/local/wmi_persistence module when Powershell obfuscation was applied.
  • #18974 from zeroSteiner - Fixes a typo in the help menu of the dns command.

Documentation added (1)

  • #18965 from adfoster-r7 - This PR updates our to remove a stale documentation link.

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