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2 min InsightAppSec

Making the Dream Work: Teaming with Dev for Safer Production Apps

So you’ve read the reports outlining how important it is for developers and security teams to work together to build web applications quickly and securely [] , you’ve scoured the web and have researched the importance of building a web application program at your organization [], perhaps even watched some videos talking about the evolution of web applications an

3 min InsightVM

Vulnerability Management Year in Review, Part 1: Collect

Sometimes, it seems change is the only permanent thing in information security. To help deal with change on your terms, we set out to help maintain visibility to your environment as it is presented to you. How? By efficiently collecting vulnerability data at scale.

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DevOps: Vagrant with AWS EC2 & Digital Ocean

The Benefits of Vagrant Plugins Following on from my recent DevOps blog posts, The DevOps Tools We Use & How We Use Them [] and Vagrant with Chef-Server [], we will take another step forward and look into provisioning our servers in the cloud. There are many cloud providers out there, most who provide some sort of APIs. Dealing with the different APIs

6 min Ransomware

The Ransomware Chronicles: A DevOps Survival Guide

NOTE: Tom Sellers [], Jon Hart [], Derek Abdine and (really) the entire Rapid7 Labs team made this post possible. On the internet, no one may know if you're of the canine persuasion, but with a little time and just a few resources they can easily determine whether you're running an open “devops-ish” server or not. We're loosely defining devops-ish as: * MongoDB * CouchDB * Elasticsearch for this post

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Honing Your Application Security Chops on DevSecOps

Integrating Application Security with Rapid Delivery Any development shop worth its salt has been honing their chops on DevOps tools and technologies lately, either sharpening an already practiced skill set or brushing up on new tips, tricks, and best practices. In this blog, we'll examine how the rise of DevOps and DevSecOps [] have helped to speed application development while simultaneously enabling teams to embed application security earlier into