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8 min AWS

Automating the Cloud: AWS Security Done Efficiently

Today, we are going to be installing software on all your existing EC2 instances across several (or all!) accounts under an organization in AWS.

6 min Log Management

Taking a Message-Based Approach to Logging

When you think about it, a log entry is really nothing more than a message that describes an event. As such, taking a message-based approach to logging by utilizing messaging technologies makes sense. Messaging creates the loose coupling that allows a logging system to be adaptable to the needs at hand and extensible over time. Understanding a Standard Logging Architecture Typically, logging is implemented in an application using a logger [

9 min InsightOps

3 Core Responsibilities for the Modern IT Operations Manager

In the good old days, IT operations [] managers were responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, meeting service levels agreements, sticking to budget, and keeping employees happy. Life was not easy, but at least it was familiar. You knew your hardware, your software, your employees. You determined services levels based on what you could actually see and touch. You told people what to do and they did it. While IT was perceived to be an expensive

6 min InsightOps

What is BDD Testing: Practical Examples of Behavior Driven Development Testing

The Need for Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Testing Tools It should come as no surprise to learn that testing is at the heart of our engineers' daily activities. Testing is intrinsic to our development process, both in practical terms and in our thinking. Our engineers work with complex systems that are made up of complex components. Individual components may have many external dependencies. When testing, the scope of what is to be tested is important – it can be system wide, focused on a p

5 min InsightOps

5 Ways to Use Log Data to Analyze System Performance

Analyzing System Performance Using Log Data Recently we examined some of the most common behaviors that our community of 25,000 users looked for in their logs, with a particular focus on web server logs. In fact, our research identified the top 15 web server tags and alerts created by our customers—you can read more about these in our section—and you can also easily create tags or alerts based on the patterns to identify these behaviors in your sys

2 min InsightOps

How to Combine D3 with AngularJS

The Benefits and Challenges of D3 Angular Combination Today we'll be focusing on how to combine D3 with the AngularJS framework. As we all know, Angular and D3 frameworks are very popular, and once they work together they can be very powerful and helpful when creating dashboards. But, they can also be challenging and confusing especially when new to these frameworks. The right way to incorporate D3 with Angular is to use custom directives. Directives in Angular are essentially functions that ar

3 min InsightOps

Announcing InsightOps - Pioneering Endpoint Visibility and Log Analytics

Our mission at Rapid7 is to solve complex security and IT challenges with simple, innovative solutions. Late last year Logentries joined the Rapid7 family to help to drive this mission. The Logentries technology itself had been designed to reveal the power of log data to the world and had built a community of 50,000 users on the foundations of our real time, easy to use yet powerful log management [] and analytics engine. Today we are