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4 min CIS Controls

CIS Critical Control 10: Data Recovery Capability

hope you enjoyed your stop at Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Control 9: Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols, and Services [/2018/03/05/cis-critical-control-9-limitation-and-control-of-ports-protocols-and-services/] ! If you missed the previous stops on this journey, please check out our full blog series on the CIS Top 20 Critical Controls [/2017/04/19/the-cis-critical-security-controls-series/]; each blog provides educational information regarding the control of focus

4 min CIS Controls

CIS Critical Control 9: Limitation and Control of Ports, Protocols, and Services

This is a continuation of our CIS Critical Control Series blog series. Need help addressing these controls? See why SANS listed Rapid7 as the top solution provider addressing the CIS top 20 controls []. If you’ve ever driven on a major metropolitan highway system, you’ve seen it: The flow of traffic is completely engineered. Routes are optimized to allow travelers to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. Traffic laws speci

3 min Incident Response

Today's Threat Landscape Demands User Behavior Analytics

Attackers continue to hide in plain sight by impersonating company users, forcing security teams to overcome two challenges...

4 min InsightIDR

Finding Evil: Why Managed Detection and Response Zeroes In On the Endpoint

This post was co-written with Wade Woolwine [/author/wade-woolwine], Rapid7 Director of Managed Services. What three categories do attackers exploit to get on your corporate network? Vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and credentials. Whether the attack starts by stealing cloud service credentials, or exploiting a vulnerability on a misconfigured, internet-facing asset, compromising an internal asset is a great milestone for an intruder. Once an endpoint is compromised, the attacker can: *

3 min Compliance

HIPAA Security Compliance Fallacies (And How To Avoid Them)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance hasn’t been what I thought it was going to be. When I first started out as an independent security consultant, I was giddy over the business opportunities that I just knew HIPAA compliance was going to bring. Around that time, I learned something from sales expert, Jeffrey Gitomer, that has had a profound impact on my career. He said that if you work for yourself and are in sales, which I am, that you must write and speak if

3 min InsightPhishing

Rapid7 InsightPhishing (Beta): Unified phishing simulation, investigation, and analysis

Starting March 1, 2019, Rapid7 will no longer offer or support InsightPhishing, and the beta program will end. Click here [] for more information. Phishing attacks remain one of the top challenges for SecOps teams. Yes, we all nod when we see the stats that get thrown around, like the ones below. But we also know this because we’ve heard it directly from our customers. Rapid7 has a long tradition of creating products an

2 min InsightVM

Vulnerability Management: A Year in Review - Prioritize

2017 has already broken the record [] for the most number of vulnerabilities reported. With more software being produced and more researchers focused on finding vulnerabilities, this trend will probably continue. Understanding where to focus and which vulnerabilities to fix first is more important than ever. That’s why this year we delivered several innovations within our vulne

3 min InsightVM

Vulnerability Management Year in Review, Part 1: Collect

Sometimes, it seems change is the only permanent thing in information security. To help deal with change on your terms, we set out to help maintain visibility to your environment as it is presented to you. How? By efficiently collecting vulnerability data at scale.

4 min Haxmas

An Evaluation of the North Pole’s Password Security Posture

Co-written by Jonathan Stines [] and Tommy Dew []. See all of this year's HaXmas content here [/tag/haxmas]. He sees your password choices; He knows when they’re not great. So don’t reuse those passwords, please, And make them all longer than eight. Now that Christmas has passed and all of the chaos from the holidays is winding down, Santa and the elves are finally able to sit back and recover from the strenuous Holiday commotion. H

4 min Incident Response

Prepare for Battle: Let’s Build an Incident Response Plan (Part 4)

This is not a drill. In this final installment, read our recommendations for handling a real incident. Whether opportunistic or targeted, here's what you should be thinking about.

4 min Incident Response

Prepare for Battle: Let’s Build an Incident Response Plan (Part 3)

Now, it’s time for the fun stuff. While an incident response plan review may feel like practicing moves on a wooden dummy, stress testing should feel more like Donnie Yen fighting ten people for bags of rice in Ip Man

4 min Incident Response

Prepare for Battle: Let’s Build an Incident Response Plan (Part 2)

In Part 1, we covered key considerations when drafting an incident response plan. Here, we'll cover the best way to get buy-in from key company stakeholders...

4 min Incident Response

Prepare for Battle: Let’s Build an Incident Response Plan (Part 1)

Creating and testing an IR plan mitigates risk—help your organization perform at its best by preparing it for the worst. Join us for Part 1: drafting the plan.

2 min Application Security

Takeaways from 2017 SANS State of Application Security Survey

The training and research organization SANS recently released their 2017 State of Application Security survey results [] . The new report proves that now, more than ever, organizations need to invest in solutions that automate application security testing [] in order to reap benefits like: * Identifying security vulnerabilities earlier in the development cycle

5 min Metasploit

Testing Developer Security with Metasploit Pro Task Chains

In this modern age, technology continues to make inroads into all sorts of industries. Everything from smartphones to late-model automobiles to internet-connected toasters requires software to operate, and this proliferation of software has brought along gaggles of software developers with their tools-of-the-trade. All this technology —not to mention the people utilizing it— can result in an increased attack surface for organizations doing software development. In this blog post, we’ll explore