Investigate and Contain Malware

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Investigate and Contain Malware

With the growing prevalence of ransomware, cryptominers, RATs, and many other forms of malware, security teams need to investigate and quickly respond before minor outbreaks become major. With InsightConnect, you can automatically investigate and contain malware before it spreads and does significant damage to your organization.

Identify and stop malicious activity

When dealing with newly discovered malware, it's important to detect and stop it quickly to reduce its spread and mitigate its impact. InsightConnect can respond to malware detections with automation to block its communication and spread as well as enrich the alerts, giving the organization time to fully eradicate it.

Investigate the threat

When InsightConnect detects malware, it provides workflows to automatically analyze it, leveraging plugins to leading malware analysis and sandbox solutions. With this information automatically generated and added to the incident, your security analysts can more easily decide what further remediation steps to take.

Containment and removal

Malware requires containment and removal. Leverage automation to identify the impacted users and assets. Plus, generate decision points for security analysts to block the necessary user accounts and malware communications, or quarantine machines from the network.