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Cloud and Integrations

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Moving to the cloud can move your goalposts too

With our leading cloud-SIEM foundation at the core, InsightIDR supports a robust library of third-party integrations to supplement its out-of-the-box endpoint, network, and user coverage. Whatever IaaS or cloud applications you may be using, our natively SaaS infrastructure and flexible log-ingestion collects data quickly, scales easily. InsightIDR is built for dynamic, ever-changing environments to keep you a step ahead of even the slickest attackers. You can spot anomalous activity or threats in the cloud easily. And you can pull in detections from other systems to analyze and investigate them alongside the rest of your data.

IDR Cloud & Integrations
IDR Cloud & Integrations

Secure your cloud infrastructure

The small footprint and versatility of the unified Insight Agent makes it the ideal solution to monitor today’s modern environment. InsightIDR keeps you ahead of attacks that target companies building on Amazon Web Services (AWS): stealing console credentials, secretly provisioning machines for cryptomining, and stealing sensitive data from exposed or compromised S3 buckets. And Azure threat detection? InsightIDR ingests logs from Event Hubs to consolidate Azure data alongside the other relevant data from across your network (e.g., other cloud data, application data, or logs from on-premises systems).

Get secure integrations and extensibility

Keeping your data secure is the single biggest concern about SaaS integrations and applications that everyone uses every day. You can integrate your technology ecosystem and achieve better security outcomes with InsightIDR’s product extensions, integrations and workflows. The Rapid7 Extensions Library is huge and continues to grow: Google, AWS, Teams, Cisco, Slack, Jira, Proofpoint, the list goes on.

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