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User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

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Separate anomalous, risky, and malicious fast

Attackers generate massive volumes of high-quality malware these days. They also compromise assets by moving laterally between them using credentials stolen by traffic manipulation, social engineering, hash extraction, a­­nd other stealthy techniques. Specific behaviors foreshadow every breach — and we know them, reliably. InsightIDR continuously baselines normal user activity (beyond defined indicators of compromise). Attackers may be masked as company employees, but it’s no match for UEBA. Correlated user data also offers up rich context for other attacker alerts to help speed your investigations and response.

User Behavior Analytics
User Behavior Analytics

Monitor users and credentials

Today, it’s easier than ever to infiltrate a network masquerading as an employee, typically through stolen credentials. User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) connects activity across the network to specific users. If a user behaves in a way that’s unusual, you can see it fast and investigate. It may be an attack. It may be a real employee who presents some kind of risk. InsightIDR continuously baselines healthy user activity in your organization, so you spot anomalies fast.

Get easy visibility across all your users

For most security teams, retracing user activity across assets, accounts, and cloud services requires concentrated, manual effort. (This is not something short-staffed, burned out security teams should be asked to do.) InsightIDR automatically correlates activity on your network to the specific users and entities behind them.

Understand “normal” activity with machine learning

InsightIDR continuously baselines user activity, adapting to the users and entities on your network, understanding "normal." Once hackers are in, they’ll usually start to act in ways unlike normal, moving laterally between assets looking for targets. You’ll detect this movement and the use of stolen credentials fast.

See risky users and behaviors flagged

Every alert in InsightIDR automatically surfaces notable user and asset behavior on a visual timeline so you can decide how to invest your time. On the InsightIDR dashboard, you’ll see three boxes: (1) Risky Users, (2) Watchlist of users to monitor users that can pose a potential higher risk, and (3) Ingress locations to see where in the world users are authenticating to your systems.

Spot misconfigurations and improve security posture

Misconfigurations are a common way for attackers to get in. They’re common and easy to spot. But are they easy for you to see? InsightIDR gives you full visibility into users across your network, endpoint, and cloud services to identify insider threats, Shadow IT, and enforce least-privilege. You don’t have to manage multiple solutions or pay extra for cloud-specific functionality. Visual log search and pre-built compliance cards enable you to spot anomalies in your data and report on success—without a complex search language.

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