Below are some recommended resources on security automation and orchestration. For a full list of Komand resources, click here.

Nexpose product brief

Komand Product Brief: Do More with Less

Security teams are overwhelmed. In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, we know how challenging it is to keep up with security incidents. Between disparate, unintegrated systems and manual, time-consuming processes, teams are having a difficult time getting ahead. 

Komand's security automation and orchestration capabilities enable you to automate those time-consuming processes, without a single line of code.

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Security Automation Best Practices

eBook: Security Automation Best Practices

Security automation streamlines repetitive, and often manual, tasks into cohesive and automated workflows, enabling faster speed-to-response. To help make your team successful with automation, this eBook offers guidance on some automation best practices, including which processes to automate and how.

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Use Case: Vulnerability Management

Use Case in Action: Vulnerability Management

Many companies still struggle with managing vulnerabilities, especially in conjunction with vendor and third-party software. With Komand’s security automation platform, a simple workflow can be built and customized to your organization’s needs, and all within minutes. Learn how the RSS Feed plugin can automatically monitor a security advisory list, assign the work using a ticketing system, and build a secondary SLA workflow to perform escalation as needed.

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How to Create Security Processes

Whitepaper: How to Create Security Processes that Solve Practical Problems

To be effective, processes must strike the right balance between being flexible and efficient, while still comprehensive and durable. Achieving this can be difficult, but this whitepaper offers a framework for creating and implementing security processes to make you and your team successful.

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ROI of Security Orchestration and Automation

Whitepaper: The ROI of Security Orchestration and Automation

Security orchestration and automation is on the fast track to maturity, and with teams poised to implement this technology, the question about return on investment often comes up. This whitepaper covers where security automation and orchestration can fit in, the manual cost of security operations, and more.

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