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Site Consolidation with the Nexpose Gem

The introduction of the scan export/import feature opens up the ability to merge sites, at least through the Ruby gem. Imagine a scenario where you had split up your assets into several sites, but now you realize it would be easier to manage them if you just merge them into one. Maybe you have duplicate assets across sites and that wasn't your intent. The script below allows you to merge multiple sites into one. I replays the scans from each site into the new one (in just a fraction of the amou

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Scan Export/Import Using the nexpose-client Gem

The latest release (5.10.13) introduces a new feature into Nexpose, scan exporting and importing. We're looking to address a need in air-gap environments, where customers can have multiple consoles to address network partitioning. This approach is not without its warts. For example, if you have deleted assets from a site, this process will bring them back to life. This post is going to walk through a pair of Ruby scripts using the nexpose-client gem. The first script will export the site config

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Calculating Your Average Scan Time

If you are looking to balance out your scan schedule or add new scans to the mix, it can be helpful to get some direct insight into how much time a new scan is going to take. One way to estimate that is based upon how long your current scans are already taking. To that end, I threw together a script that looks at current scan history and calculates average scan time per asset. To keep some balance, I only look at Full audit scans and their live assets. I then calculate the average number of min

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Making the Nexpose Gem Easier to Use

In an effort to make API access to Nexpose easier, some efforts are underway to make the Nexpose Gem [] easier to use. For those unfamiliar with the gem, it is a Ruby library that allows for easier scripting against a Nexpose security console. Changes to Site Making changes to a site configuration through the gem used to be a little complex. The attributes on the configuration were locked down from editing, and sometimes buried deep in structures that mirrored th