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PCI 30-second newsletter #38 - The Holy Grail vs ROC-Fission: The only way to reach compliance

A big thanks to Andy Barratt [] - Managing Director, Europe and QSA, Coalfire for his contribution to this newsletter. “Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.”― Peter Seeger If you are the glorious knight responsible for getting your company up to mandatory compliance levels (and keep it there), you could potentially feel desperate facing this enormous and tedious undertaking. This is especially true fo

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PCI 30 Seconds newsletter #37 - And PCI said "Get Pen-Tested"!

This newsletter clarifies what is expected to comply with PCI DSS 11.3: Penetration testing. Why is Pen-test needed? In the same way that wellness checks support a doctor's diagnosis by determining what's wrong or not working as expected (a.k.a. an analysis) and establish the appropriate treatment (a.k.a. a remediation plan), penetration testing aims to: * Determine and validate a diagnosis by determining the genuineness and severity of identified vulnerabilities * Validate that defense m

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PCI 30 seconds newsletter #36 - Control your privileged accounts - How to contain the "Keys to the kingdom" problem

What's a Privileged account? The term "Privileged account", also known as "High Privileged account" or "Super user" refers to any type of account that holds special or extra permissions within the enterprise systems. They are generally categorized as: * IT administrative accounts used to install or configure. E.g.UNIX root, Windows Administrator accounts or accounts associated with database ownership and network components. * Identity and access management accounts used to manage use

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PCI 30 seconds newsletter #35 - Patch management, how to comply with PCI.

In the newsletter #15 [/2011/11/28/pci-30-seconds-newsletter-15-nice-look] I addressed the problem of flaws in our working environments. As a follow up I'm covering here the topic of patch management and its applicability within the context of PCI, a domain of 49,5% compliance rate as per the Verizon 2014 PCI Compliance report. What's a patch? In the same way a needlewoman would apply a piece of cloth to repair a hole in your favorite coat, a patch or fix is a piece of software that can be ap

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PCI 30 seconds newsletters published so far.

This is the list of PCI 30 seconds newsletters published so far. If you like them, please tell us, share them, follow me on twitter or linkedin to not miss the next ones. Suggest some topics you would like to see addressed. If you don't like them, tell us how we could enhanced them. #1 - PCI what are you talking about? [/2011/05/11/pci-30-sec-newsletter-1-pci-what-are-you-talking-about] #2 - Payment processing terminology and workflow [/2011/05/11/pci-newsletter-2-payment-processing-terminolog

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PCI 30 seconds newsletter #34 - PCI DSS Version 3 Changes and Impact - Should You Care?

I'm here again with a song in mind: Why should I care? You have probably noticed that PCI DSS Version 3 is available! It is applicable on a voluntary basis until Jan 2015, when it becomes mandatory. But, should you care? Should you prepare yourselves? Well, it depends. In this newsletter, I'm sharing with you the result of my analysis of the new version of the PCI Bible. You will learn what has changed and what the impact is for companies already in compliance with PCI DSS version 2 (V2).

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PCI 30 seconds newsletter #33 - Key take-away from the PCI Community meeting 2013

I have been attending the PCI Community meetings since the early days. I remember each one of them. Not really the content, but about the people representing PCIco, the brands, organizations subjected to compliance, and the security communities (QSA's, ASV's, PFI's, solution providers). They are my key rational for attending such great events. Getting in touch with the community, networking, sharing and exchanging on our field experience is a great opportunity and in that matter this year was

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PCI 30 seconds newsletter #32 - Money for nothing

Starting this newsletter with two famous songs in mind: "Money" by Pink Floyd and "Money for nothing" by Dire Straits. If I ask you to give me the most common PCI keywords that come to mind, you will most probably answer:  Security, Credit Card, Compliance and…Cost. MONEY is definitely a key argument both for the PCI supporters and the PCI critics. The former emphasize the cost for the organization in case of a breach while the latter underline the associated cost of implementation and mainte

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PCI 30 Seconds Newsletter #31 - PCI DSS Crypto-framework

Strong Cryptography is referred to by PCI DSS through the following requirements: 2.3 - Encrypt all non-console administrative access using strong cryptography. Use technologies such as SSH, VPN, or SSL/TLS for web- based management and other non- console administrative access. 4.1 - Use strong cryptography and security protocols (for example, SSL/TLS, IPSEC, SSH, etc.) to safeguard sensitive cardholder data during transmission over open, public networks. Cryptographic solutions are also su

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PCI 30 seconds newsletter #30 - Trainings your organization must deliver to comply with PCI DSS

PCI-DSS requires organizations subjected to compliance to deliver three specific trainings, namely: Security Awareness, Secure Coding and Incident response. This newsletter describes what you should know about them in terms of What, Who and How. Security Awareness Associated PCI DSS requirement: 12.6 Audience: Any individual having access to data or system components part of the PCI scope. Objectives: In all domains, awareness of the risks and available safeguards are the first line of defe

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PCI 30 seconds newsletter #29 - Do all PCI DSS requirements apply?

I recently assisted a medium size organization to align with PCI. The gap analysis and design phase raised a number of concerns from their side. All of the concerns started as something similar to: "Why do we need this? It induces more risks". Implementing protection mechanisms without considering their added values and impact on the environment and the business does not make sense. Security is a risk mitigation and management discipline and all security responsible individuals know perfectly

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PCI 30 Seconds newsletter #28 - The PCI Library - What docs are required for compliance?

Compliance programs are heavily based on documentation and PCI does not make an exception. Technical and non-technical documents are a major part of the PCI journey and certainly of the compliance audit. Documents (technical description, diagram, policies, procedures, standards, audit trails, scan reports, pen test report, risk analysis report, test report,…) are the auditor's food. Therefore, beside the technical specificities, no one should neglect or underestimate the effort and time neces

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PCI 30 seconds Newsletter #27 - Should I disable my protection system for ASV scans?

In the context of intrusion detection and prevention, PCI DSS requires implementation/configuration of Firewalls (Req 1), Anti-virus (Req 5) and Intrusion detection systems (IDS) (Req 11.4). Optionally, organizations are invited to consider the use of Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) in place or in addition to IDS (Req 11.4) as well as Web Application Firewalls (Req 6.6). The first group of required protection systems is known as static systems. They do not dynamically modify their behavior.

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PCI 30 seconds newsletter #26 - PCIP is it worth it?

At the last PCI Community meeting the Council introduced a new certification (yes one more!). After, ASV, QSA, P2PE QSA, ISA, PFI, QIR, there it is: The PCIP (Payment Card Industry Professionals) certification. Why? Firstly, to answer a valid concern from the QSA and ISA employees. QSA and ISA certifications are not assigned to individuals but to the couple (company, employee). Therefore the QSA/ISA employee status is lost whenever the individuals leave their employers. This fact is poorly know

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PCI 30 seconds newsletter #25 - A New Standard is Born.

PCI SSC is putting the finalizing touches to two new standards (Physical and Logical Security Requirements) for card manufacturers and card personalization centers. After having co-authored the first version of the PCI DSS and having designed and led the ASV certification program on behalf of PCIco, I've been assigned with another critical mission for a "secret" department at Mastercard, the Global Vendor Certification Program. My role was to write a set of logical security requirements to mini