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Nexpose Dimensional Data Warehouse and Reporting Data Model: What's the Difference?

The Data Warehouse Export recently [/2016/11/24/dimensional-data-warehouse-export-part-of-nexpose-646] added support for a Dimensional Model for its export schema. This provides a much more comprehensive, accessible, and scalable model of data than the previous (now referred to as "Legacy") model. The foundation for this dimensional model is the same as the Reporting Data Model, which backs the built-in reporting for SQL Query Export. So what exactly is the difference between the Reporting Data

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Vulnerability Assessment Reports in Nexpose: The Right Tool for the Right Job

Nexpose supports a variety of complementary reporting solutions that allows you to access, aggregate, and take action upon your scan data. However, knowing which solution is best for the circumstance can sometimes be confusing, so let's review what's available to help you pick the right tool for the job. I want to pull a vulnerability assessment report out of Nexpose. What are my options? Web Interface The Nexpose web interface provides a quick and easy way to navigate through your data. You ca

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Hacking as One Moose

Twelve hours into Rapid7's Annual Global Domination Hackathon and we are still going strong. Pulling together all the members of our global team for a multi-day kickoff in Boston gave us a fantastic opportunity to collect the wealth of talent and share in an epic hackathon event. Our cross-functional teams are getting their creative juices flowing, chugging Red Bulls and 5-hour energies, building robotic versions of our CTOs, destroying watermelons, driving million dollar virtual cars... and of

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SQL Export Report using the API

This morning we published the release of the new SQL Query Export [/2013/12/18/give-me-access-to-my-data] report. Simultaneously the Nexpose Gem [] has released version 0.6.0 [] to support this new report format in all the reporting API calls (you must update to this latest version to run the report). When the SQL Query Export is paired with adhoc-report generation, you are a

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How do I get my data out of Nexpose? Answer: SQL Query Export

Do any of these these questions sound familiar? "Printable reports are really valuable and I use them on a daily basis. However, is there a section that I can add to show a summary by asset group or site?" "I really like the XML format, but its a little hard to process and I have to write code to do anything useful with it. What other options do I have?" "The CSV export is fantastic, yet when I select just the asset columns it shows duplicates? How do I export my asset inventory?" "You added

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Nexpose 5.0 Preview: Modernized Usability & Interface

We are pleased to announce that as a part of the historic upcoming release, Nexpose 5.0 [] comes with a modernized user interface that brings it up-to-date with modern web design and usability standards. Significant enhancements will be introduced throughout the interface to simplify and streamline access to your data. This is a limited preview of the work in progress. Navigation and Global Actions A new breadcrumb dis