Last updated at Fri, 21 Jul 2017 20:50:38 GMT

Metasploit Pro is more than just a pretty web interface for Metasploit; it contains many little known features that simplify large scale network penetration tests. In this technical webinar for penetration testers who are familiar with Metasploit Framework, David Maloney shows which features he finds most useful in Metasploit Pro.

Watch this webcast to learn how to:

  • Quickly scan a network for potential entry points with Metasploit Pro's discovery scans
  • Kick off or pull Nexpose vulnerability data from within Metasploit Pro
  • Effectively manage data during a pentest with searching, tagging, grouping, and notes
  • Find exploitable vulnerabilities in large networks using smart exploitation
  • Leverage credentials through bruteforcing, cracking and recycling
  • Evade anti-virus solutions with Metasploit Pro's custom payloads
  • Conduct post-exploitation, including VPN pivoting and file system browser
  • Collect evidence from compromised machines
  • Take advantage of advanced functions on the Pro command line
  • Reporting on your engagement

David "TheLightCosine" Maloney is a Software Engineer on Rapid7's Metasploit team, where he is responsible for development of core features for the commercial Metasploit editions. Before Rapid7, he worked as a Security Engineer and Penetration Tester at Time Warner Cable and as an Application Security Specialist for a global insurance company. David has been a long-time community contributor to the Metasploit Framework. He is also a member of the Corelan Security Team. He is one of the founders of Hackerspace Charlotte and is an avid locksport enthusiast.

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