Last updated at Fri, 03 Nov 2017 17:48:54 GMT

This 3-part series explores the challenges presented by containers and the advantages of using an end-to-end container log monitoring solution for complete container environment visibility.


As container environments become mainstream, it’s important to consider the most common challenges of migrating a monolithic application into containerized microservices and how to overcome them.

While containers introduce new levels of flexibility from development to production, migrating to a containerized environment forces us to consider new issues, including:

  • Uncontrolled versioning
  • Security risks
  • Container sprawl
  • Tracking distributed data

When it comes to monitoring containers, log data can be used to help development teams audit changes and security risks, while revealing insights into resources usage and application performance.

Logentries’ latest article, Log Analysis For Containers, covers how an end-to-end log management tool can help you manage and analyze your container environment with specific steps for how to get started:

“By analyzing container logs, unused containers can be easily identified for removal from your host. Simple queries grouping containers by ID and displaying those with the minimum number of requests or memory usage in the last 30 days can provide insight into which containers can likely be eliminated.”

To download the full article for free, click here.