Last updated at Mon, 06 Nov 2017 17:41:01 GMT

If you’re familiar with a query language like SQL, you’re likely used to being able to sort your query results. When querying log data, sorting your results can come in handy when you want to analyze things like which Docker containers are using the most memory, or which URLs are being request most frequently from your CDN.

Today, we’re announcing SORT as the latest function introduced into Logentries’ query language, LEQL. Much like SQL, LEQL is a structured query language that enables you to analyze your log data with functions like COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX and GROUPBY. With SORT, users can now sort their log query results by simply adding SORT() to the end of their LEQL queries.

For a step-by-step demonstration for how to use SORT, check out our latest video tutorial: