Last updated at Fri, 03 Nov 2017 21:35:30 GMT

This 3-part series explores the critical role logs play in maintaining regulatory compliances and provides specific examples of known events to look for an how to evaluate different compliance tools. To download the free 24-page white paper, click here.

For organizations that need to remain compliant with specific regulatory standards, requirements can too often be confusing and complex. In our latest white paper Using Logs to Address Compliance Standards, we aim to shed light on the role of logs across three popular compliances: HIPAA, PCI DSS and Sarbanes Oxley.

While each compliance varies in specificity, log management plays a central role in all three. The below excerpt from Using Logs to Address Compliance Standards explores the different types of events an organization should be actively looking for within their logs based on each of the three compliance standards.

Log Collection for Compliance

What type of log events should be collected?
Remember that when it comes to logging, compliance standards vary in specificity. Here’s a recap of logging recommendations from section 1:

- Account Management Success/Failure

- Directory Services Access

- Success/Failure

- System Events Success/ Failure

- Group Management Modi cations, Additions and Deletions

- Object Deletions

- Object Access Attempts Success/Failure

- Account Management

- Log On Failures to Active Directory

- Authentication Failures

- Elevated Access Actions

- Password Changes
- All Individual Accesses to Card Holder Data

- Administrative and Root Access Actions

- Creation and Deletion of System-level Objects

- Invalid Logical Access Attempts
- User Log On

- User Log Off

- Log On Failure

- Audit Logs Access

- Object Access

- Host Session Status

- Account Management Changes

- Removal or Addition of Global Group

- Removal or Addition of Members of a Global Group

- Audit Policy Changes

- Successful User Account Validation

- Unsuccessful User Account Validation

- Individual User Actions

- Network Device Changes

Want to download the 24-page white paper for free? Click here to download.