Last updated at Sat, 19 Aug 2017 04:02:13 GMT

In 2007 Coalfire selected Rapid 7 Nexpose as the engine around which to build their PCI Approved Scan Vendor offering.  PCI was just a few years old and merchants were struggling to achieve and document full compliance with the highly proscriptive Data Security Standard.  Our goal was to find that classic sports car blend of style and power: a vulnerability assessment solution that was as streamlined and easy to use as possible, but robust enough to significantly improve the customer's security.  In other words, an ASV service that could meet the needs of a large multi-national enterprise as well as the small franchise owner just learning how to spell IT.  After looking at all the alternatives, Coalfire selected Nexpose for its high-end performance and ease of interoperability to build around, all at a price point that kept us competitive.

The Coalfire scanning solution has gone by many names since its first ASV certification: Surefire Compliance, ARM PCI RapidScan, Coalfire RapidScan right up to today's CoalfireOne℠ scanning platform.  But through all of it, Nexpose was under the hood making it go, with the power and reliability of a GM LS Series 6.0L or an AMC 4.0 straight-six.  Sorry, that might be taking the analogy a bit far (and letting my car geek show), but the point is, we never had to worry if the scan was going to run or if it was going to find the latest SSL vulnerability, it just did.  And that let us focus on the user experience which was always our plan.

With our new ASV partnership, Rapid 7's ASV customers now get that “best of both worlds” pairing.  The same high confidence in scan findings they're used to, with the simplicity of CoalfireOne management.  Define your targets, set your schedule, review and dispute findings, and download your attestation of compliance -- all through the easy to use Web interface.  It's a little like a Shelby Cobra -- body by AC Cars, V8 by Ford.  Okay, I'm done.