Last updated at Wed, 03 Jan 2024 21:19:34 GMT

Rapid7 is excited to announce new integrations between InsightConnect and Office 365. Microsoft 365 brings together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with simple device management and security to connect people and information in a new, intelligent way. InsightConnect wraps Microsoft 365 with several new exciting integrations to make sure your team can focus on creating and solving problems.

What is InsightConnect?

InsightConnect is Rapid7’s Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution that is purpose-built to accelerate your teams and tools through automation. This SOAR tool helps accelerate and streamline time-intensive processes to free up your team to tackle other challenges. InsightConnect does this by connecting your tools together so that each tool is used to its maximum potential, connecting the dots between them to better inform your security teams and enrich your data and security alerts. This leads to a major improvement in operational efficiency.

Getting started with Office 365 integrations in InsightConnect

With the new InsightConnect integrations, Office 365 users can automate everything from onboarding, to suspicious email remediation, to offboarding. Combined with our nearly 300 other available integrations, automation of common IT tasks has never been simpler.

Azure Active Directory Admin

This integration will allow you to automate administrative tasks on your users, including:

  • Automating the creation and onboarding of users
  • Automating offboarding
  • Automating group management of users
  • Quickly disabling users or enabling them when the threat has been mitigated in the case of suspicious activity or an attack

Microsoft Office 365 Email Security

This integration will allow you to take remediation steps once a malicious email is found, including:

  • Automatically blocking senders
  • Purging malicious email from your organization
  • Assisting with auditing if suspicious emails are found

Microsoft Office 365 Email

The integration will give an admin full control over their users’ email inboxes, or a way to monitor phishing mailboxes for automatic remediation of suspicious emails or files. With this integration, you can:

  • Automatically analyze email for suspicious patterns or files
  • Automatically move and archive emails
  • Send custom email notifications

With InsightConnect, it has never been easier to control your whole Office 365 environment. If you’re ready to give the Rapid7 InsightConnect app for Office 365 a try, learn more here.