Last updated at Thu, 19 Dec 2019 21:58:48 GMT

It’s beginning to look a lot like HaXmas, everywhere you go! We have a great selection of gift-wrapped modules this holiday season, sure to have you entertained from one to eight nights, depending on your preference! On a personal note, we here at the Metasploit workshop would like to welcome our newest elf, Spencer McIntyre. Spencer has been a long-time contributor to the project, and we’re thrilled to have him on the team!

In the spirit of giving, space-r7 has provided you the opportunity to give the gift of an XML payload to a deserving Rest API endpoint on OpenMRS, an open-source medical record software system.

Phra got even more personal this year, allowing you to inject a gift of shellcode directly into the memory of a running process in Windows. Teamed with donut, you could spend the entire holiday season in the giving spirit!

If you are looking to feel this spirit on a more permanent basis, look no further than Michael Long’s Bash Profile Persistence Module.

If you are looking to level up this holiday season, try bundling a few CVE’s to stuff containers and elevate with the Comahawk escalation module for Windows, written by tychos_moose.

And finally, possibly the most giving of all, Kenneth LaCroix has channeled his inner Ruby-Nosed-Reindeer to guide us with documentation!

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