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Are you a university student looking to jumpstart your career and gain some experience? Rapid7 has a wide range of opportunities for you to join our herd! Our Internship and Co-Op Programs aim to help students develop both technical and soft skills through real-life work experience. What can you expect if you join our herd as an Intern? We rounded up answers from some of our student hires when reflecting on their experiences:

Erin McAnearney participated in our Belfast placement program after graduating from Queen's University Belfast. During her placement, she worked as a software engineer to gain professional experience before being permanently placed into that role.

Bonnie Ngai interned for our Events Marketing team while she studied at Boston University. During her time at Rapid7, she has really enjoyed the company culture and getting the opportunity to work at a larger scale company.

Aaron Chow joined Rapid7 as a Product Marketing co-op while studying at Northeastern University. He worked with our marketing team on various customer-centric projects to bring new customers to Rapid7.

1.  You will be challenged

Rest assured, you won’t be spending your internship running between the office and the closest coffee shop. At Rapid7, we encourage all of our moose to challenge convention and to constantly innovate, regardless of their role. Be prepared to bring your best ideas and to be pushed out of your comfort zone everyday.

“As a placement, I was given the same work as any other member of my team. This challenged me and made me leave my comfort zone." - Erin

“I’m assigned meaningful work by my manager and team and the motivating environment makes me want to constantly learn more and do better.” - Bonnie

“It was clear from the beginning that Rapid7 was a company that valued co-ops and was serious about finding a capable candidate who they could trust with tasks that would bring real value to the company.” - Aaron

2. You’ll never stop learning

We know that interns are here to gain real work experience, but we want to help you learn and grow as professionals, too. That’s why our programs are structured to not only provide exposure to real projects, but also as many educational opportunities as possible. Each project will help you apply what you’ve learned in school, and challenge you to develop new skills to bring back.

We know you’ll make mistakes along the way, and that’s okay! At Rapid7, we encourage in-the-moment feedback as part of our culture. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on projects with your manager and get real-time thoughts on how you did. Finally, we believe a key component of every internship is networking. Our interns are given exposure to our leadership team as well as other early career moose who joined prior to them. Hearing about other experiences is helpful as you’re creating your own path.

“I was constantly learning new languages, technologies and concepts throughout my placement, and I cannot begin to describe how much this has helped me as a person and as an engineer.” - Erin

“From the first day I started interning at Rapid7 until now, I’ve learned so much about planning and executing different-scale events by both observing and doing.” - Bonnie

“My favourite project so far would be revamping the case study/customer testimonial program, which involved everything from expediting the creation process, to improving the content and ease of web page navigation, to brainstorming new promotion strategies. This project was a great learning experience that gave me the opportunity to collaborate cross-functionally with many of the other teams at Rapid7.” - Aaron

3. You will thrive in our work environment

Rapid7 prides itself in creating the best experience for its employees. We work relentlessly to ensure we provide a space where every Moose is excited to go to work. All of our workspaces facilitate collaboration, bring happiness, and contribute to each and every one of our employee’s success. Aside from the physical space you will work in, Rapid7’s culture encourages curiosity and #ChallengingConvention. Your team members will always encourage you to ask questions, share your ideas, and take initiative. You will get the opportunity to work cross-functionally with members from different teams, allowing you to obtain skills outside of your day-to-day role.

“My team was brilliant in helping me work through anything I didn’t understand so that we came to the solutions together. We had lunches and outings to help me settle in and working alongside each other every day helped us all feel connected. I even came back to the same team as a graduate and continue to work alongside them four years after my placement year started!” - Erin

“My team always makes an effort to include me in all sorts of meetings, projects, snack breaks, or even impromptu ice cream runs! Whether I have a part in a specific project/meeting or not, I am always invited to sit in to listen and learn more about whatever is going on. The positive environment encourages me to ask questions and take initiative for more tasks. My team and the inclusive environment they have helped foster are my favorite parts about working at Rapid7.” - Bonnie

Working with people who genuinely enjoy and believe in what they’re doing, and being given the opportunity to spearhead my own projects made me truly want to maximize my time here. Though Rapid7 has grown tremendously over the past few years, it has maintained a startup mentality, and the fast tempo was something I enjoyed.”- Aaron

Interested in learning more and joining the herd as an Intern or co-op? Keep an eye on our Careers Page for openings!