Last updated at Wed, 05 Jan 2022 15:29:12 GMT

At Rapid7, our software engineers defend the digital world and design the future of security. With a supportive, collaborative team, immense learning and development opportunities to fine-tune and hone in on skills and knowledge, opportunities to work with innovative technology, and the pursuance of continuous innovation to achieve secure advancement for all, joining our team of Vulnerability and Risk Management software engineers is a no-brainer.

As we continue to build this team, we are looking for engineers who exemplify our core values and are passionate about making a positive impact on our customers.

Read on to meet and learn more about our North America VRM Software Engineering team, why they chose to bring their talents to Rapid7, and why you should, too!

Courtney Wood: Software Engineer II, VRM (Los Angeles)

Rapid7 is an amazing company to learn and grow your career. As someone who began my career at Rapid7, I was intimidated by my lack of cybersecurity knowledge. Fortunately, I joined a team full of passionate engineers who were more than willing to teach me about the cybersecurity landscape. The people at Rapid7 truly make this an amazing place to work. The VRM software engineering team is a bright, enthusiastic, and determined group of people who consistently exhibit a "never done" attitude. On top of that, they are a team that loves to have fun! Whether it's KBBQ dinners, team-building activities, or just a competitive game of ping pong, there is always something exciting going on in the office.

David Castellanos: Manager, Engineering, VRM (Los Angeles)

Cybersecurity is a dynamic and ever-changing field that takes on the problems of an ever-connected world. Sophisticated cyber-actors and nation-states exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and money and are developing capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten the delivery of essential services. At Rapid7, we are tackling those challenges head on. We develop software solutions to help private companies as well as public institutions secure their information infrastructure. We develop a range of software solutions, from cloud-based services to on-premises software. We need engaged and committed software engineers who enjoy solving complex and often difficult problems to simplify security practices for our customers. We need creative people that can collaborate, challenge us, and help us grow and innovate. We offer a collaborative environment that will both challenge and help you (and us) grow together.

Jimmy Cancilla: Lead Software Engineer, VRM (Toronto)

We are a full-stack team, and our work spans the technological spectrum. We offer opportunities that include UI development, building and managing cloud-based web services, as well as working with low-level network scanning technologies. We are a diverse team made up of an exceptional group of brilliant engineers who are eager and willing to share their knowledge. By joining the team, not only would you be bringing a unique perspective to the table, but you would also be able to expand your expertise and skills. Also, we have beer on tap in the office!

Richard Tsang: Manager, Engineering, VRM (Toronto)

Do you know about CVE-2013-4866? No? It details a hardcoded PIN in a Smart Bidet giving attackers access to the functionality of the toilet—discomforting to know. Unfortunately, InsightVM doesn't scan for this, but for all the hundreds of thousands of other vulnerabilities out there, we work to understand and distill this information down into actionable steps that give our customers a peace of mind knowing which risks hide within their environment and what can be done to secure it. If you're curious of all the various products in existence and ways we can harden (and weaken) security, join our InsightVM Coverage Team and learn of the craziness that is the reality of cybersecurity.

Interested in learning more and joining the herd? Check out our Software Engineer, VRM roles in North America today and read more about our technology in our blog!