Last updated at Thu, 25 Jan 2024 01:20:55 GMT

Containers that fail to Contain

Our own Christophe De La Fuente added a module for CVE-2019-5736 based on the work of Adam Iwaniuk that breaks out of a Docker container by overwriting the runc binary of an image which is run in the user context whenever someone outside the container runs docker exec to make a request of the container.

Execute an Image Please, Wordpress

Community contributor Alexandre Zanni sent us a PR that uses native PHP functions to upload a file as an image attachment to Wordpress installations running the wpDiscuz plugin, then executes it by requesting the path of the uploaded file.

New module content (2)

Enhancements and features

  • #15363 from HynekPetrak - Enhances the auxiliary/scanner/ipmi/ipmi_dumphashes module to have SESSION_RETRY_DELAY and SESSION_MAX_ATTEMPTS options

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