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You’re tasked with protecting your environment, and you’ve invested significant time and resources into deploying and configuring your tools — but how do you know if the security controls you’ve put into place are effective? The challenge continues to grow as attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) constantly evolve. In today's landscape, a security breach is nearly inevitable.

Amid an ever-changing threat landscape, do you have confidence your tools are able to immediately detect threats when they occur? And more importantly, does your team know how to effectively respond to stop the attack, and do it fast?

While we don’t have a crystal ball to offer, we can help make sure your detection and response plan holds up against a breach.

Say hello to Rapid7’s newest incident response service: the Detection and Response Workshop.

Put your safeguards to the test with a guided attack simulation

The Detection and Response Workshop is a guided exercise led by Rapid7’s digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) experts to confirm that your team can quickly detect threats and evaluate your response procedures against a simulated attack within your environment.

This workshop isn’t a Tabletop Exercise (TTX), an IR Planning engagement, or a Purple Team exercise. We'll pit your organization's defenders against the latest attack campaigns, within the tools they use on a daily basis, to test your ability to respond when an incident happens under live conditions, without your company’s reputation at stake.

Each Workshop simulation is tailored to your specific needs and mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. Throughout the Workshop, our experts make recommendations to help strengthen your program – from existing configurations of tools, products, and devices to analysis processes and documentation.

The workshop itself is hands-on and doesn’t require current use of a Rapid7 product. Any security team can utilize this new service to understand what TTPs an adversary may use against them and make sure their program detects and responds accordingly.

Your team will leave the multi-day workshop feeling confident that you have an understanding of where and how to strengthen your existing IR process and detection and response program. You’ll receive a detailed report of the workshop, including our written assessment and recommendations to build resilience into your response program.

Rapid7 Incident Response consulting services

Security is the core of our business, and IR plays a huge role in the security landscape. Our team of DFIR experts — the same experts that respond to incidents for all 1,200+ of our MDR customers — have decades of experience under their belt that they utilize to analyze your security fit-up from all angles. Our team is complete with experts in threat analysis, forensics, and malware analysis, as well as a deep understanding of industry-leading technologies.

Knowing where your program stands is a crucial part of enhancing it, and our IR team has built specialized services to help your team build resiliency at each stage in the process. We now offer a full Incident Response Service Curriculum, allowing teams to engage in a single course for their IR goals or register for the entire curriculum.

From planning to full attack simulations, your team can level up its skills with tailored guidance and coaching through each course:

  • Course 101: Incident Response Program Development
  • Course 201: Tabletop Exercise (TTX)
  • Course 301: Detection & Response Workshop
  • Course 401: Purple Team Exercise

No matter what stage your team is in building your incident response program, our experts are able to help analyze and provide recommendations for improvement.

The Detection & Response Workshop is available now for all security teams. To learn more, talk to a Rapid7 sales representative by filling out this form today.

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