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This Q2 2022 recap post takes a look at some of the latest investments we've made to InsightIDR to drive detection and response forward for your organization.

New interactive HTML reports

InsightIDR's new HTML reports incorporate the interactive features you know and love from our dashboards delivered straight to your inbox. The HTML report file is sent as an email attachment and allows you to scroll through tables, drill in and out of cards, and sort tables in the same way you would explore dashboards.

Increased visibility into malware activity

Traditional intrusion detection systems (IDS) can be noisy. Rapid7's Threat Intelligence and Detection Engineering (TIDE) team has carefully analyzed thousands of IDS events to curate a list of only the most critical and actionable events. We've recently expanded our library to include over 4,500 curated IDS detection rules to help customers detect activity associated with thousands of common pieces of malware.

Catch data exfiltration attempts with Anomalous Data Transfer

Anomalous Data Transfer (ADT) is a new Attacker Behavior Analytics (ABA) detection rule that uses the Insight Network Sensor to identify large transfers of data sent by assets on a network. ADT outputs data exfiltration alerts which make it easier for you to monitor transfer activity and identify unusual behavior to stay ahead of threats. These new detections are available for select InsightIDR packages — see more details here in our documentation.

Build stronger integrations and quickly triage investigations with new InsightIDR APIs

Investigation management APIs

Our new APIs allow you to extract more extensive data from within your investigation and use it to integrate with third-party tools, or build automation workflows to help you save time analyzing and closing investigations. View our documentation to learn more.

  • Update one or more Investigation fields through a single API call
  • Retrieve a sortable list of Investigations
  • Search Investigations
  • Create a Manual Investigation

User, accounts, and asset APIs

We are excited to release new APIs to allow you to programmatically interface with InsightIDR users, accounts, local accounts, and assets. You can use these APIs to configure new automations that further contextualize alerts generated by InsightIDR or third-party tools and help you to create more actionable views of alert data.

Relative Activity: A new way to analyze detection rules

We've introduced a new score called Relative Activity to ABA detection rules that analyzes how often the Rule Logic matches data in your environment based on certain parameters. The Relative Activity score is calculated over a rolling 24-hour period and can help you:

  • Identify detection rules that might cause frequent investigations or notable events if switched on
  • Determine which rules may benefit from tuning, either by changing the Rule Action or adding exceptions
New Relative Activity score for detection rules

Log Search improvements

Enrich Log Search results with new Quick Actions: Earlier this year InsightIDR and InsightConnect teamed up to create Quick Actions, a new feature that provides instant automation within InsightIDR to reduce time to respond to investigations, all with the click of a button. We've recently released new Quick Actions to enable pre-configured actions within InsightIDR's Log Search for InsightIDR Ultimate and InsightIDR legacy customers. Quick Actions are available for select InsightIDR packages, see more details here in our documentation.

  • Use AWS S3 as a collection method for custom logs: Now customers have the choice to use either Cisco Umbrella or AWS S3 as a collection method when setting up custom logs. Alongside this update, we've also refactored the data source to make it more resilient and effective.

A growing library of actionable detections

In Q2, we added 290 new ABA detection rules to InsightIDR. See them in-product or visit the Detection Library for actionable descriptions and recommendations.

Stay tuned!

As always, we're continuing to work on exciting product enhancements and releases throughout the year. Keep an eye on our blog and release notes as we continue to highlight the latest in detection and response at Rapid7.

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