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As a unified SIEM and XDR solution, InsightIDR gives organizations the tools they need to drive an elevated and efficient compliance program.

Cybersecurity standards and compliance are mission-critical for every organization, regardless of size. Apart from the direct losses resulting from a data breach, non-compliant companies could face hefty fees, loss of business, and even jail time under growing regulations. However, managing and maintaining compliance, preparing for audits, and building necessary reports can be a full-time job, which might not be in the budget. For already-lean teams, compliance can also distract from more critical security priorities like monitoring threats, early threat detection, and accelerated response – exposing organizations to greater risk.

An efficient compliance strategy reduces risk, ensures that your team is always audit-ready, and – most importantly – drives focus on more critical security work. With InsightIDR, security practitioners can quickly meet their compliance and regulatory requirements while accelerating their overall detection and response program.

Here are three ways InsightIDR has been built to elevate and simplify your compliance processes.

1. Powerful log management capabilities for full environment visibility and compliance readiness

Complete environment visibility and security log collection are critical for compliance purposes, as well as for providing a foundation of effective monitoring and threat detection. Enterprises need to monitor user activity, behavior, and application access across their entire environment — from the cloud to on-premises services. The adoption of cloud services continues to increase, creating even more potential access points for teams to keep up with.

InsightIDR’s strong log management capabilities provide full visibility into these potential threats, as well as enable robust compliance reporting by:

  • Centralizing and aggregating all security-relevant events, making them available for use in monitoring, alerting, investigation, ad hoc searching
  • Providing the ability to search for data quickly, create data models and pivots, save searches and pivots as reports, configure alerts, and create dashboards
  • Retaining all log data for 13 months for all InsightIDR customers, enabling the correlation of data over time and meeting compliance mandates.
  • Automatically mapping data to compliance controls, allowing analysts to create comprehensive dashboards and reports with just a few clicks

To take it a step further, InsightIDR’s intuitive user interface streamlines searches while eliminating the need for IT administrators to master a search language. The out-of-the-box correlation searches can be invoked in real time or scheduled to run regularly at a specific time should the need arise for compliance audits and reporting, updated dashboards, and more.

2. Predefined compliance reports and dashboards to keep you organized and consistent

Pre-built compliance content in InsightIDR enables teams to create robust reports without investing countless hours manually building and correlating data to provide information on the organization’s compliance posture. With the pre-built reports and dashboards, you can:

  • Automatically map data to compliance controls
  • Save filters and searches, then duplicate them across dashboards
  • Create, share, and customize reports right from the dashboard
  • Make reports available in multiple formats like PDF or interactive HTML files

InsightIDR’s library of pre-built dashboards makes it easier than ever to visualize your data within the context of common frameworks. Entire dashboards created by our Rapid7 experts can be set up in just a few clicks. Our dashboards cover a variety of key compliance frameworks like PCI, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more.

3. Unified and correlated data points to provide meaningful insights

With strong log management capabilities providing a foundation for your security posture, the ability to correlate the resulting data and look for unusual behavior, system anomalies, and other indicators of a security incident is key. This information is used not only for real-time event notification but also for compliance audits and reporting, performance dashboards, historical trend analysis, and post-hoc incident forensics.

Privileged users are often the targets of attacks, and when compromised, they typically do the most damage. That’s why it’s critical to extend monitoring to these users. In fact, because of the risk involved, privileged user monitoring is a common requirement for compliance reporting in many regulated industries.

InsightIDR provides a constantly curated library of detections that span user behavior analytics, endpoints, file integrity monitoring, network traffic analysis, and cloud threat detection and response – supported by our own native endpoint agent, network sensor, and collection software. User authentications, locational data, and asset activity are baselined to identify anomalous privilege escalations, lateral movement, and compromised credentials. Customers can also connect their existing Privileged Access Management tools (like CyberArk Vault or Varonis DatAdvantage) to get a more unified view of privileged user monitoring with a single interface.

Meet compliance standards while accelerating your detection and response

We know compliance is not the only thing a security operations center (SOC) has to worry about. InsightIDR can ensure that your most critical compliance requirements are met quickly and confidently. Once you have an efficient compliance process, the team will be able to focus their time and effort on staying ahead of emergent threats and remediating attacks quickly, reducing risk to the business.

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