Last updated at Tue, 27 Jun 2023 18:17:53 GMT

The way we do business has fundamentally changed, and as a result, so must security. Whether it’s legacy modernization initiatives, process improvements, or bridging the gap between physical and digital—most organizational strategies and initiatives involve embracing the cloud. However, investing in the cloud doesn’t come without its complexities.

When organizations adopt new technologies and applications, they inadvertently introduce new opportunities for attackers through vulnerabilities and points of entry. To stay ahead of potential security concerns, teams need to rely on data in order to get an overview of their environment—ensuring protection.

Where this becomes a bigger challenge is two fold:

  1. Security professionals need to secure SaaS applications, but each app has its own methodology for generating and storing vital security and usage data.
  2. Even if a security team puts in the work to centralize all this data, it must be normalized and standardized in order to be usable, which creates more work and visibility gaps.

Elevating Security Posture Around SaaS Applications

As part of our continued commitment to ensuring customers stay future-ready and secure through their cloud adoption, we’re excited to announce our work with AWS on their new service that will continue the effort around data standardization. AWS AppFabric quickly connects SaaS applications across the organization, so IT and security teams can easily manage and secure applications using a standard schema.

By using AppFabric to natively connect SaaS productivity and security applications to each other, security teams can automatically normalize application data (into the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) format) for administrators to set common policies, standardize security alerts, and easily manage user access across multiple applications.

For Rapid7 customers, InsightIDR will be able to ingest logs from AppFabric so security teams have access to that data—stay tuned for more! This is just one in a series of investments we are making to help secure your cloud infrastructure.

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