Last updated at Thu, 09 May 2024 16:20:06 GMT

Ransomware has evolved from opportunistic attacks to highly orchestrated campaigns driven by cyber criminals who are seeking high financial gains.

Ransomware-as-a-Service has increased due to its lowered barrier to entry, allowing even those with limited technical expertise to launch devastating attacks with relative ease. Big game hunting has made a comeback, targeting high-value organizations – such as large enterprises – to maximize ransom payouts. The introduction of triple extortion represents a chilling escalation in tactics and demands. Attackers will encrypt files and demand payment for their decryption not just once, twice, but sometimes three times. Malicious actors execute additional attacks to coerce victims into giving more money or forcing them to comply with the attacker.

Security teams understandably have a lot that keeps them up at night, but that’s where a trusted partner can help! We’re excited to announce the expansion of our leading managed detection and response (MDR) service, Managed Threat Complete, to include Ransomware Prevention.

Rapid7’s Ransomware Prevention provides a robust, patented preemptive solution to stop attacks before they begin. Coupled with the expertise of the Rapid7 MDR team, this additional layer of protection now extends comprehensive coverage end to end.

Don’t Give Malware a Chance with Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware Prevention provides security teams a robust solution leveraging Minerva technology to stop attacks before they begin. This patented technology is an additional layer of protection on the endpoint designed to disrupt malicious actors and prevent ransomware attacks. It provides customers with dedicated ransomware prevention engines that reinforce at each stage of an attack to strengthen defenses and minimize exposure.

Full Coverage from a Single, Trusted Partner

Leveraging this new functionality, we take a more proactive approach to security operations. By unifying relevant exposure management, external threat intelligence, and now prevention capabilities, we are able to get ahead of risk and eliminate breaches earlier.

With Rapid7, customers can feel confident they are covered before, during, and after an attack. Our team of industry experts not only provides transparent service, but they also drastically reduce the risk of ransomware actors succeeding by mitigating attacks in early stages prior to ransomware deployment.

Our Incident Response team spends far fewer hours per incident than the industry average due to:

  • Continuous monitoring through MDR
  • Rapid remote containment of minor incidents
  • Early detection of events
  • Remediation support through the SOC and Customer Advisors

Differentiating on the Endpoint

Rapid7 is continuously working with our customers with the goal of providing differentiated endpoint solutions and capabilities. You can learn more about how Rapid7 protects endpoints here.