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Hallmark Channel: Securing the Season

In 2021, Hallmark Channel finished as the number one network among “women 18 and above”, which led to $147.8 million in revenue generated from holiday programming alone. It’s safe to assume the company doesn’t want intellectual property (IP) theft cutting into those kinds of returns.

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Cloud Security and Compliance Best Practices: Highlights From The CSA Cloud Controls Matrix

In this blog post, we’ll dive into one of the most commonly-used cloud security standards for large, multi-cloud environments: the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM).

4 min Vulnerability Disclosure

Cengage LTI Session Management Leakage

Cengage, an education technology provider in use in many higher education environments primarily in the United States, had two issues in the way it handled session management over its Learning Tools Integration (LTI) pipeline.

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Spoiler Alert: Your Favorite Content Might Not Be Secure

In this blog, we look at the macro issue of the entertainment business shifting to a streaming-first focus and the increased need for content and IP security.

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Get your head in the cloud(s)

Many organizations are in the midst of adopting the cloud faster than ever before; it’s arguably mission critical for their success and longevity.

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Can Cloud Security Be Easier Than Complex?

Cloud security is one dish in the larger holiday meal of a company’s entire budget. Fighting for scraps of funding is hard, so it’s important to identify exactly what you need.

2 min AWS

Rapid7 Integration For AWS Verified Access

Today at re:invent, Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled its new AWS Verified Access service, and we are thrilled to announce that InsightIDR — Rapid7’s next-gen SIEM and XDR — will support log ingestion from this new service when it is made generally available.

2 min AWS

InsightIDR Launches Integration With New AWS Security Data Lake Service

One of the most exciting announcements has to be the launch of Amazon Security Lake. We see a lot of potential for this new service, which is why Rapid7 is proud to announce the immediate availability of an integration between InsightIDR and Security Lake.

3 min Cloud Infrastructure

Unifying Threat Findings to Elevate Your Runtime Cloud Security

Widespread growth in cloud adoption in recent years has given businesses across industries the ability to transform in new ways, often forcing them to choose between slowing the pace of their innovation or taking on massive amounts of unmanaged risk.

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Reducing Risk In The Cloud with Agentless Vulnerability Management

In order to gain visibility into vulnerabilities in their public cloud environments, many organizations still rely on agent or network-based scanning technology that was initially built for traditional infrastructure and endpoints.

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Aligning to AWS Foundational Security Best Practices With InsightCloudSec

When an organization is moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud or expanding with net-new investment, the hardest tasks for the security team is to identify the proper security policies and controls to keep their cloud environments secure and the applications and sensitive data they host safe.

4 min InsightCloudSec

Better Cloud Security Shouldn’t Require Bigger Budgets

When security budgets don’t match the pace of the cloud operations they’re tasked with securing, the only thing to do is become an expert in the stretch. It’s hard, and you might currently be under increasing stress to pull it all off.

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Rapid7 and HashiCorp Partner to Secure Terraform-based Cloud Infrastructure Deployments

In the latest installment in our cloud security “shift-left” blog series, we discuss Rapid7’s recent partnership with HashiCorp, ongoing support for scanning Terraform plans with our IaC security feature, and the recently released integration with Terraform Cloud & Enterprise run tasks.

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Cloud Security: Buyer Be Critical

Explore how to make the best case for more – or any – cloud security at your company, plus get a handy checklist to use when looking into a potential solution. Get started now with the 2022 edition of The Complete Cloud Security Buyer’s Guide from Rapid7.

3 min Vulnerability Management

Common questions when evolving your VM program

A recent webinar led by two of Rapid7’s leaders, Peter Scott and Cindy Stanton explored the specific challenges of managing the evolution of risk across traditional and cloud environments.