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9 min InsightCloudSec

Securing the Next Level: Automated Cloud Defense in Game Development with InsightCloudSec

Cloud gaming, powered by giants like AWS, is transforming the gaming industry, offering unparalleled accessibility and dynamic gaming experiences. Yet, with this technological leap forward comes an increase in cyber threats.

4 min Cloud Security

Expanded Coverage and New Attack Path Visualizations Help Security Teams Prioritize Cloud Risk and Understand Blast Radius

Cloud environments differ in a number of ways from more traditional on-prem environments. From the immense scale and compounding complexity to the rate of change, the cloud creates a host of challenges for security teams to navigate and grapple with.

3 min InsightCloudSec

NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 5 Updates: What You Need to Know About The Most Recent Patch Release (5.1.1)

In this blog we’ll cover the new and updated controls within patch release 5.1.1, as well as review how Rapid7 InsightCloudSec helps security teams implement and continuously enforce them across their organizations.

5 min Risk Management

Peeking into the crystal ball: What 2023 cyber threats told us about 2024

Even though we’re surely in for more than a few surprises in the coming year, there are ways we can be better prepared. So sit back and relax as we venture through some insights we’ve gained in 2023 and offer ways you can put them into practice in the coming year.

3 min Artificial Intelligence

Rapid7 Takes Next Step in AI Innovation with New AI-Powered Threat Detections

A decades-long transition to cloud as the de-facto delivery model of choice has delivered undeniable value to the business landscape.

4 min Cloud Security

Updates to Layered Context Enable Teams to Quickly Understand Which Risk Signals Are Most Pressing

Layered Context introduced a consolidated view of all security risks insightCloudSec collects from the various layers of a cloud environment.

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Rapid7 Introduces AI-driven Cloud Anomaly Detection

AWS Re:Invent, Amazon Web Services’ annual mega-conference will soon kick off in Las Vegas and there are sure to be a ton of new cloud security innovations, including Rapid7's new capability - Cloud Anomaly Detection.

3 min Cloud Security

Manage Enterprise Risk at Scale with a Unified, Holistic Approach

The rapid pace of technological change and the attendant rise of cyber threats in both speed and number leave most organizations at a disadvantage.

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Be Empathetic and Hug Your CISO More!

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud computing, the adoption of multi-cloud environments has become a prevailing trend. Organizations increasingly turn to multiple cloud providers to harness diverse features, prevent vendor lock-in, and optimize costs.

4 min Cloud Security

Cloud Webinar Series Part 1: Commanding Cloud Strategies

Our new cloud security webinar series will unveil key trends, pinpoint critical challenges, and provide actionable insights for security professionals.

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A Look at Our Development Process of the Cloud Resource Enrichment API

Rapid7 has developed a new Cloud Resource Enrichment API that streamlines data retrieval from various cloud resources.

4 min Cloud Security

Why Your AWS Cloud Container Needs Client-Side Security

With complex network infrastructure and the need to deploy applications across various environments, cloud containers have become increasingly necessary.

4 min Cloud Security

New InsightCloudSec Compliance Pack for CIS AWS Benchmark 2.0.0

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) recently released version two of their AWS Benchmark: CIS AWS Benchmark 2.0.0.

4 min Penetration Testing

PenTales: There Are Many Ways to Infiltrate the Cloud

At Rapid7 we love a good pen test story. So often they show the cleverness, skill, resilience, and dedication to our customer’s security that can only come from actively trying to break it! In this series, we’re going to share some of our favorite tales from the pen test desk and hopefully highlight some ways you can improve your own organization’s security. Rapid7 was engaged to do an AWS cloud ecosystem pentest for a large insurance group. The test included looking at internal and external as

4 min Cloud Security

Managing Risk Across Hybrid Environments with Executive Risk View

As attack surfaces continue to expand, security teams must evolve the scope and approach of their vulnerability management programs.