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4 min Customer Perspective

Finding Results at the Intersection of Security and Engineering

In this blog, Chaim Mazal discusses the importance of collaborating with teams to build a comprehensive security culture within an organization.

2 min Cloud Security

Heartland Dental’s Ambitions Land Them in the Cloud

We sat down with Heartland Dental to talk about why they chose Rapid7, how quickly they’re expanding, and why it’s time to shift services to the cloud.

3 min InsightVM

How Three InsightVM Customers Scaled Their Vulnerability Management Programs with Rapid7

To run a VM program as a well-oiled machine, you need all the pieces in place, from visibility of all of your assets to effective reporting mechanisms.

3 min Penetration Testing

Understanding Security as an Investment: The Importance of Pen Testing for Startups

Recently, we sat down with Intenseye's Sercan Esen and Serhat Cillidag to discuss developing robust security programs for startup environments.

3 min Customer Perspective

Customer Spotlight: How Amedisys CISO Proves Security’s Value to the Business

Richard Kaufmann, CISO of Amedisys, talks about the importance of measuring value in terms of business impact and successfully securing more budget.

3 min InsightConnect

InsightConnect Customer Hendrick Automotive Group Benefits from Integrations and Alert Triggers

We spoke with Hendrick Automotive Group’s director of information security about his experience with InsightConnect and its connection to InsightIDR.

2 min Events

Explore Cloud Security at Rapid7’s Boost 2019 Customer Conference

Exciting news! We are hosting Boost 2019, a free, one-day customer conference where you can dig deep into cloud security no matter where you are on your journey.

5 min Customer Perspective

Customer Perspective: How to Build an Agile Security Program in Rapidly Changing Times

In this post, Chaim Mazal of ActiveCampaign shares his best practices for building a security program amid chaos and rapid change.

3 min Customer Perspective

Seasoned Pros Share Career Advice for Cybersecurity Success

In this blog, seasoned pros share what they’ve learned over the course of their careers that would have made a significant impact if they were just setting off at the starting gate.

7 min Vulnerability Management

Customer Perspective: How InsightVM Helps Organizations Solve Common Vulnerability Management Challenges

In this blog, Brett Droche of Amedisys explains how Rapid7's InsightVM can mitigate or completely solve common vulnerability management challenges.

4 min Customer Perspective

Automation in Action: How Carnegie Mellon University Combats Vulnerabilities Using Nexpose

We recently spoke with Brian W. Gray, Information Security Engineer for Carnegie Mellon University, about how he manages vulnerabilities with Rapid7's vulnerability assessment solution, Nexpose.

4 min SIEM

SOC, SIEM, or MDR? How to Choose the Right Options for Your Infosec Program

Choosing between building an in-house SOC, utilizing a SIEM, or outsourcing to an MDR provider? Learn from three peers on how they made their decision.

4 min InsightConnect

How Rapid7’s Orchestration and Automation Solution Boosted a Higher Education Security Team’s Effectiveness

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Elliott to discuss why his team chose Rapid7 and how our solution has increased the overall effectiveness of his security team.

3 min Vulnerability Management

How AWS and InsightVM Can Help You Securely Move to the Cloud

No one can deny that cloud adoption is increasing at a fast rate. Though moving to the cloud offers many advantages—such as speed of development, cost savings, and reduced overhead—one of the implications of adoption is that customers must change the way they approach security to adapt to hybrid and fully cloud infrastructure []. As this happens, security practitioners have to consider how to use their current on-premises tools in bot

3 min Application Security

In Our Customers’ Words: Why Mastering Application Security Basics Matters

In a recent conversation with a Rapid7 application security customer, I was reminded how much of a security practitioner’s day can be consumed by troubleshooting buggy tools and manually executing the same tasks over and over again (needlessly, may I add). As much as we’d like to think that security professionals’ time is being efficiently utilized, oftentimes inadequate tools, a lack of automation, and organizational silos impede SecOps-driven [] progress