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1 min Emerging Threats

Update on Spring4Shell’s Impact on Rapid7 Solutions and Systems

We have been continuously monitoring for Spring4Shell exploit attempts in our environment, and we will update this page as learn more.

1 min Emerging Threats

Russia/Ukraine Conflict: What Is Rapid7 Doing to Protect My Organization?

Rapid7 is monitoring the escalating conflict in Ukraine. To assist with your preparation and response efforts, Rapid7 is constantly making efforts to better protect our customers.

5 min Emerging Threats

Staying Secure in a Global Cyber Conflict

Now that Russia has begun its armed invasion of Ukraine, we should expect increasing risks of cybersecurity attacks and incidents, either as spillover from cyberattacks targeting Ukraine or direct attacks against actors supporting Ukraine.

4 min Emergent Threat Response

Trojan Source CVE-2021-42572: No Panic Necessary

What is this thing? Researchers at the University of Cambridge and the University of Edinburgh recently published a paper [] on an attack technique they call “Trojan Source.” The attack targets a weakness in text-encoding standard Unicode—which allows computers to handle text across many different languages—to trick compilers into emitting binaries that do not actually match the logic visible in source code. In other words, what a developer or secu

4 min Emergent Threat Response

Managed Service Providers Used in Coordinated, Mass Ransomware Attack Impacting Hundreds of Companies

Rapid7 is aware of and tracking all information surrounding a coordinated, mass ransomware attack that appears to be targeting Kaseya VSA patch management and monitoring software.

2 min Emergent Threat Response

SolarWinds Serv-U FTP and Managed File Transfer CVE-2021-35211: What You Need to Know

On July 12, 2021, SolarWinds confirmed an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability, CVE-2021-35211, in the Serv-U FTP and Managed File Transfer component of SolarWinds15.2.3 HF1 (released May 5, 2021) and all prior versions.