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10 min Velociraptor

Velociraptor 0.6.9 Release: Digging Even Deeper with SMB Support, Azure Storage and Lockdown Server Mode

Rapid7 is very excited to announce version 0.6.9 of Velociraptor is now LIVE and available for download.

3 min Detection and Response

Cybersecurity as Digital Detective Work: DFIR and Its 3 Key Components

We highlight 3 elements of a well-formulated digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) strategy.

1 min Endpoint Security

Endpoint Agents Are Necessary for Today’s Modern Environment: Here’s Why (Part 2)

Rapid7's Insight agent can provide your organization with real-time, accurate results with the smallest possible footprint.

4 min Endpoint Security

Endpoint Agents Are Necessary for Today’s Modern Environment: Here’s Why (Part 1)

Endpoint agents can help you integrate your siloed vulnerability management and incident detection and response programs and implement SecOps practices.

4 min Endpoint Security

Why Managed Detection and Response Zeroes In On the Endpoint

This post was co-written with Wade Woolwine [], Rapid7 Director of Managed Services. What three categories do attackers exploit to get on your corporate network? Vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and credentials. Whether the attack starts by stealing cloud service credentials, or exploiting a vulnerability on a misconfigured, internet-facing asset, compromising an internal asset is a great milestone for an intruder. Once an endpoint is comprom

2 min Endpoint Security

Live Vulnerability Monitoring with Agents for Linux

A few months ago, I shared news of the release of the macOS Insight Agent. Today, I'm pleased to announce the availability of the the Linux Agent within Rapid7's vulnerability management solutions []. The arrival of the Linux Agent completes the trilogy that Windows and macOS began in late 2016. For Rapid7 customers, all that really matters is you've got new capabilities to add to your kit. Introducing Linux Agents Take advantage of the

2 min Endpoint Security

Addressing the issue of misguided security spending

It's the $64,000 question in security – both figuratively and literally: where do you spend your money? Some people vote, at least initially, for risk assessment. Some for technology acquisition. Others for ongoing operations. Smart security leaders will cover all the above and more. It's interesting though – according to a recent study titled the 2017 Thales Data Threat Report [

3 min Nexpose

macOS Agent in Nexpose Now

As we look back on a super 2016, it would be easy to rest on one's laurels and wax poetic on the halcyon days of the past year. But at Rapid7 the winter holidays are no excuse for slowing down: The macOS Rapid7 Insight Agent is now available within Nexpose Now. Live Monitoring for macOS Earlier this year, we introduced Live Monitoring for Endpoints with the release of a Windows agent for use with Nexpose Now. The feedback from the Community has been great (and lively!) and now we're back with a

4 min User Behavior Analytics

SIEM Tools Aren't Dead, They're Just Shedding Some Extra Pounds

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) [] is security's Schrödinger's cat. While half of today's organizations have purchased SIEM tools, it's unknown if the tech is useful to the security team… or if its heart is even beating or deployed. In response to this pain, people, mostly marketers, love to shout that SIEM is dead, and analysts are proposing new frameworks with SIEM 2.0/3.0, Security Analytics, User & Entity Behavior Analytics [https://w

3 min InsightOps

Announcing InsightOps - Pioneering Endpoint Visibility and Log Analytics

Our mission at Rapid7 is to solve complex security and IT challenges with simple, innovative solutions. Late last year Logentries joined the Rapid7 family to help to drive this mission. The Logentries technology itself had been designed to reveal the power of log data to the world and had built a community of 50,000 users on the foundations of our real time, easy to use yet powerful log management [] and analytics engine. Today we are

2 min Nexpose

Live Monitoring with Endpoint Agents

At the beginning of summer, we announced some major enhancements to Nexpose [] including Live Monitoring, Threat Exposure Analytics, and Liveboards, powered by the Insight Platform []. These capabilities help organizations using our vulnerability management solution [] to spot changes as it happens and prioritize risks for remediation. We've also bee

3 min Endpoint Security

IDC: 70% of Successful Breaches Originate on the Endpoint

Most organizations focus on their server infrastructure when thinking about security – a fact we often see in our Nexpose [] user base where many companies only scan their servers. However, IDC finds that 70% of successful breaches originate on the endpoint. This does not necessarily imply insider threats, it is rather a sign that phishing is prevalent, cheap, and surprisingly effective in compromising machines. Given this compelling data, I strongly urge

3 min Nexpose

How to use Nexpose to find all assets affected by DROWN

Introduction DROWN is a cross-protocol attack against OpenSSL. The attack uses export cipher suites and SSLv2 to decrypt TLS sessions. SSLv2 was developed by Netscape and released in February 1995. Due to it containing a number of security flaws, the protocol was completely redesigned and SSLv3 was released in 1996. Even though SSLv2 was declared obsolete over 20 years ago, there are still servers supporting the protocol. What's both fascinating and devastating about the DROWN attack, is that se