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3 min Ransomware

For Finserv Ransomware Attacks, Obtaining Customer Data Is the Focus

We found customer data in the overwhelming majority of data disclosures from ransomware attacks against the financial services industry.

3 min Cybersecurity

What's Changed for Cybersecurity in Banking and Finance: New Study

The results of a new VMware study show a changing landscape for cybersecurity in banking and finance.

6 min Cloud Security

Cloud Security and Compliance: The Ultimate Frenemies of Financial Services

Here are four ways finserv companies can embrace the love-hate relationship with cloud security and compliance while effectively navigating the need to maintain pace with today's rapid rate of change.

5 min Cloud Security

The Future of Finserv Security: Cloud Expert and Former CISO Anthony Johnson Weighs In

Former CISO Anthony Johnson talks about the latest developments in finserv security and how these developments are being received within the industry.

4 min Public Policy

Update to GLBA Security Requirements for Financial Institutions

The FTC updated cybersecurity requirements for financial institutions under GLBA. This includes access controls, regular penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, and incident response, among other things. Here we'll detail the changes in comparison to the previous rule.

4 min Threat Intel

The Top Threat Actors Targeting Financial Services Organizations

This post discusses the key motivations and supporters behind cybercrime groups and lists the top groups that target financial services organizations.

5 min Financial Services

Sometimes the simplest security works the best

The FBI this week posted an alert [] that showed wire transfer scams bled $2.3 Billion from “business email compromise” from October 2013 through February 2016.  A couple of news outlets picked this up, including Brian Krebs [