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Virtual Machine Automation (vm-automation) repository released

Rapid7 just released a new public repo called vm-automation. The vm-automation repository is a Python library that encapsulates existing methodologies for virtual machine and hypervisor automation and provides a platform-agnostic Python API. Currently, only ESXi and VMWare workstation are supported, but I have high hopes we will support other hypervisors in time, and we would love to see contributors come forward and assist in supporting them! That's awesome. I want to get started now! Great! I

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Recent Python Meterpreter Improvements

The Python Meterpreter [] has received quite a few improvements this year. In order to generate consistent results, we now use the same technique to determine the Windows version in both the Windows and Python instances of Meterpreter. Additionally, the native system language is now populated in the output of the sysinfo command. This makes it easier to identify and work with international systems. The largest change to the Python M

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The Foam Goes Straight to Your Brain

Yesterday, we announced the availability of a PowerShell extension for Meterpreter [/2016/03/31/weekly-metasploit-wrapup], primarily as a toy for laughs because no one would seriously consider using it for anything important. But today? Today we've got a real treat for you. For serious programmers and serious pentesters, what you really want is a serious language. Something with the power of a Turing Machine and the readability of raw bytecode. Something beautiful and subtle, like a chainsaw. S