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3 min Rapid7 Disclosure

CVE-2024-0394: Rapid7 Minerva Armor Privilege Escalation (FIXED)

Rapid7 is disclosing CVE-2024-0394, a privilege escalation vulnerability in Rapid7 Minerva’s Armor product family. The root cause of this vulnerability is Minerva’s implementation of OpenSSL’s OPENSSLDIR parameter, which was set to a path accessible to low-privileged users.

3 min Vulnerability Disclosure

CVE-2022-35629..35632 Velociraptor Multiple Vulnerabilities (FIXED)

This advisory covers a number of issues identified in Velociraptor and fixed as of Version 0.6.5-2, released July 26, 2022.

8 min Vulnerability Disclosure

Shoring Up the Defenses Together: 2018Q2 and Q3 Wrap-Up

Today (October 29, 2018) we are sharing several vulnerabilities that have been fixed in Rapid7 products and supporting services.

7 min Vulnerability Disclosure

Shoring up the defenses together: 2018Q1 wrap-up

Today (April 10, 2018) we are sharing six vulnerabilities that have been fixed in Rapid7 products and supporting services. You won’t need to take any actions: all of the issues have been addressed. We are disclosing these vulnerabilities in order to be transparent, to thank those that take the time to report security issues responsibly, and to provide a few reminders of security concerns that you should audit for in your own organization. Dynamically-generated web server access policies Generat

6 min Vulnerability Disclosure

Vulnerabilities Affecting Four Rapid7 Products (FIXED)

Today we are announcing four fixed vulnerabilities in four Rapid7 products, summarized in the table below. These issues are low to medium severity (mostly due to the high exploitation requirements), but we want to make sure that our customers have all the information they need to make informed security decisions. This article includes detailed descriptions of the vulnerabilities, as well as how to ensure they are mitigated in your environment. Some of the updates are automatic, but some may requ

2 min Vulnerability Disclosure

R7-2017-16 | CVE-2017-5244: Lack of CSRF protection for stopping tasks in Metasploit Pro, Express, and Community editions (FIXED)

Summary A vulnerability in Metasploit Pro, Express, and Community was patched in Metasploit v4.14.0 (Update 2017061301) []. Routes used to stop running tasks (either particular ones or all tasks) allowed GET requests. Only POST requests should have been allowed, as the stop/stop_all routes change the state of the service. This could have allowed an attacker to stop currently-running Metasploit tasks by getting an authenti