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3 min Whiteboard Wednesday

How to Gain Security Visibility into a Modern Environment

In our latest installment of Whiteboard Wednesday, we break down the step-by-step approach you can take to gain visibility across a modern environment and the main areas you should focus on.

2 min Whiteboard Wednesday

Whiteboard Wednesday: Common Vulnerabilities as Personified by Halloween Costumes

As a security professional, you don’t need a haunted house to feel spooked this Halloween—just start exploring your environment in search of vulnerabilities.

4 min InsightConnect

Security Orchestration and Automation: Not Just for Mature Organizations

Think that security, orchestration, and automation (SOAR) is only for mature organizations? Think again. Here are some ways your company can benefit from SOAR solutions.

1 min Phishing

Whiteboard Wednesday: The Two Components of Phishing Protection Your Security Strategy Needs

You’re no stranger to the threat of phishing. It’s everywhere, and plays a role in 92% of breaches, according to the Verizon Data Breach Digest [] . Last month, during the first installment of our phishing Whiteboard Wednesday series, we talked about the key components of an anti-phishing program, and this month we’re continuing the series by diving even deeper

1 min Nexpose

Moving from HML (High, Medium, Low) Hell to Security Heaven – Whiteboard Wednesdays

At last check there are about 22 new vulnerabilities being published and categorized every single day (see National Vulnerability Database web site - In total, the National Vulnerability Database now contains more than 53,000 vulnerabilities. No wonder security professionals are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of vulnerabilities in their daily practices. At the same time, the prioritization schema that many organizations use are quite basic and are either proprietary or