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What if you need more data than what your logs have to offer? Just ask! InsightOps lets you ask natural-language questions of your assets and gives you immediate answers to gain unmatched visibility across every IT asset in your environment. 


With InsightOps you can:

  • Automatically generate on-demand logs from servers, network devices, employee workstations, and more.
  • View a list of every IT asset in your environment, along with its location, operating system, public and private IP addresses, MAC address, last logged-in user, and last boot time.
  • View system metrics like CPU, memory, and disk utilization for each asset.
  • Get details on active user sessions, remote sessions, DNS caches, network connections, and registry keys for each asset.
  • Ask where specific software and versions are running (or aren’t running) across your environment.
  • Ask which services and processes are running across specific assets.
  • And more... 

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